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Mariah Huq Blasts Quad Webb-Lunceford After Dr. G’s Interview

Mariah and Quad’s beef has been a focal point of “Married to Medicine” for a few seasons now.

Quad recently appeared on “Watch What Happens Live,” and she called Mariah phony. She accused Mariah of being fake concerned about her divorce from Dr. G.

Well Mariah clapped back on Facebook Live.

And she claims Quad is faker than she could ever be.

Not only did Mariah give her two cents on Greg’s recent interview, but she made some accusations herself.

She said she heard Quad tried to block Greg from doing the interview.

Dr. G went on V-103 with Frank and Wanda this morning and Ms. Sophia, you know I love the morning show, and he said that they got married, him and Quad, got married in 2012 and was already sleeping in separate bedrooms by 2014.

And what that reminded me of is that it was second season of ‘Married to Medicine.’

So I was just wondering if anybody had told Dr. G, ‘Well if she married you then second season, y’all were already sleeping in separate bedrooms once she was on the show, the math ain’t adding up right.’ And then the people had said that he went to the radio station, down at V-103, you know it’s at Colony Square, and the people saying she didn’t show up to the Circle today. She went down to the square to try to block him from the radio station.

Naw boo boo. Boo Boo Kitty you have had a voice, and you’ve been lying about it. And it’s time for him to tell his truth.

Mariah claimed she wasn’t going to say anything about Quad’s messy split but it’s on now that Quad came for her on WWHL.

The fact of the matter is she is a social climber and I think he sees it. Everybody sees it. So go back down to V-103 Dr. G and tell your truth.

As far as sleeping in separate bedrooms is concerned, Mariah thinks it’s odd for Quad to accuse Greg of cheating when they haven’t slept together in years. That means Quad moved on from the marriage years ago.

During the video, Mariah says that Quad is trying to ruin Greg’s reputation. And that’s messed up because Quad wouldn’t be on the show if it wasn’t for their marriage.

I told Aydin, ‘Well d*mn. I guess she got what she needed and then season 2 she broke up with Dr. G and me too.’ Baby she didn’t need me as a friend and she didn’t need him as a husband anymore when she started getting them checks. But guess what Boo Boo Kitty, the checks don’t last. Your marriage would have lasted. You cannot treat people wrong who have helped you.

Every person that has helped that girl she has used them and abused them. I can’t stand no user and no liar.

Finally, Mariah said that the other women on the show are starting to see Quad for who she really is. She also doesn’t appreciate that Quad said that the other women didn’t reach out to her when they learned of the divorce. That’s not true and everyone reached out. But Quad ignored Mariah’s text messages.

You can watch the video below.

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Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.


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