Erica Mena Drops a Bomb About Her Breakup with Bow Wow

The latest beef between Bow Wow and Erica Mena started innocent enough.

Yesterday, Bow Wow posted a clip to his Instagram Story wondering why someone keeps going after broke guys.

This allegedly innocent commentary could’ve been about any of Bow’s numerous exes from his past.

However, When The Shade Room posted about it, Erica Mena commented asking if everyone could forget the two of them ever happened.

This is where the shade began to snowball.


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This led to Bow Wow and Erica Mena getting rather ugly with the allegations and threats. Erica mentioned her version of why they broke up.

Allegedly, she broke off their engagement after Bow Wow tried to severely harm himself while her son was in their residence.

Of course, Bow Wow couldn’t be out done, not only did he accuse Erica Mena of being on coke, he threatened to leak a tape of the two of them.

Erica responded in kind saying she’s already been in touch with Attorney Lisa Bloom.

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