Iyanla Gets Kirk Franklin & Erica Campbell to Lend Le'Andria Support on 'Fix My Life'


Iyanla Gets Kirk Franklin & Erica Campbell to Lend Le’Andria Support on ‘Fix My Life’

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Fix My Life Season 9 Episode 10

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It looks like Le’Andria Johnson commits to facing her alcoholism on “Fix My Life.”

Last week, Iyanla puts pressure on Le’Andria’s manager and label head Phil to give Le’Andria an ultimatum to get clean from alcohol or their contract is voided.

Despite the cliffhanger, Le’Andria’s seen continuing to be coached by Iyanla.

This week, Iyanla’s joined by some heavyweights in Gospel music. This includes a video message recorded by Kirk Franklin and a visit by Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell.

Things seem to get intense and emotional when Iyanla’s seen sitting with Le’Andria and her booking agent. Last week, Iyanla encouraged Le’Andria to cut out people from life that aren’t helping in stopping her from drinking. It’s clear as day that Iyanla feels the booking agent is one of these people.

However, the agent says he’s been helping her out. This leads to tears flowing.

Check out the clips below.

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