LHHATL Season 8 Episode 5 Recap & Video Clips


LHHATL Recap: Jasmine Confronts Kirk Amid Parenting Criticisms + Tokyo Points out Hypocrisy

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LHHATL Season 8 Episode 5

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Tokyo is ready to get serious about losing weight.

So she meets with a trainer at a gym. The trainer was recommended by Che.

Although she’s never had a health scare like diabetes and high blood pressure, she’s ready to work on losing weight. The trainer tells her she really has to change the way she eats.

She’s going to have to let go of her love for junk food.

When the trainer stresses Tokyo will have to really make changes to her lifestyle, she begins to get hostile.

She also says that it’s hypocritical for Che and others who had plastic surgery to push her to lose weight the old fashioned way.

Che has found love with Made Man and she’s now a mother.

Their beautiful baby girl Ginger has been keeping them busy.

While Made Man raps, Che has kind of taken a back seat on her career as a DJ.

When Made Man says that he won’t be able to hang out on her birthday because he has to work, Che decides to call up Shekinah.

Shekinah arrives and tells Che that her trainer was too rough on her on Tokyo.

They then discuss the fact that Che has been has been cooling off on being a DJ, Shekinah tells Che she needs to tell her boo that she wants to get serious about her career.

Spice visits Joc at the radio station.

She vents about how hard it is to leave her kids in Jamaica to work in America.

They discuss her new single, “Black Hypocrisy.”

When she tells Joc she wants to be light-skinned to promote the song, Joc thinks this is a bad idea.

“So you gonna go all the way Sammy Sosa?” – Joc

Spice says that people get praised for bleaching their skin in Jamaica.

So she wants to use her platform to show people the outcome of colorism. After hearing this explanation, Joc tells her to do it but make sure she knows what she’s doing.

Scrappy, Kirk and Joc ride go carts.

After they finish, they catch up over some food.

Joc reveals that he’s in a serious relationship.

“She’s an attorney.” – Joc

Kirk and Scrappy are surprised to hear this.

So Kirk asks if his new relationship overlapped with the one he had with Karlie. Joc says it did and now his new boo wants them to go public.

Scrappy warns Joc to tell his girlfriend about the relationships overlapping before Karlie does.

They discuss Rasheeda and Jasmine.

Kirk says they still aren’t cool but Kannon is now in Rasheeda’s life.

When it comes to Jasmine’s parenting, he feels like she’s slacking and leaves the responsibilities to her mom and grandmother.

Spice is then discussed.

Joc shows them an edited photo of Spice with light skin.

Kirk says he definitely feels the effects of colors.

But Joc says he would sleep with Spice no matter what her complexion is.

Tokyo, Sierra, Che and Shekinah meet up at a juice bar.

It’s awkward between Tokyo and Sierra.

After Tokyo gets passive aggressive, Shekinah and Che tell them to hash things out.

Sierra says she only wanted Tokyo to take her weight loss more seriously.

But Tokyo says she doesn’t want to hear about weight loss when Sierra lost weight by sugery.

They start arguing and Tokyo gets irritated and walks off.

Che meets Made Man at his video shoot.

She tells him that Tokyo says she wants to work with him.

After Che tells him she wants to focus on her DJ career and make her own money, Made Man tells her he will support her decision.

This makes Che happy.

Kirk meets with Jasmine’s mother and grandmother.

Before they can really talk, Jasmine joins them.

Jasmine denies that she parties too much. She says she only asked Kirk to watch Kannon while she went out-of-town once. And she feels like he just got involved in Kannon’s life recently, so he’s being messy.

Kirk says it doesn’t make sense that Kannon still wears pull ups.

But Jasmine thinks Rasheeda is the one pulling the strings.

In a green screen interview, Jasmine says Rasheeda needs to speak up for herself if she has questions.

Jasmine’s mother then tells Kirk and Jasmine they need to talk directly and stop relying on other people to communicate.

Cece and Momma Dee go out to lunch.

Both women just want to make peace for the sake of their grand baby on the way.

So Dee apologizes for her actions and Cece accepts.

She just wants Dee to know that she’s here to stay and they are family now.

In a green screen interview, Dee says that she’s going to try to do right for the sake of their family.

Mimi and Spice go to a black history museum.

Before they go in, Mimi apologizes for going off on Spice earlier. Spice also apologizes and says she didn’t want them to clash.

They head to the museum so Mimi can show Spice the history of black culture.

The first exhibit they look at is Madame CJ Walker’s.

One of the museum employees gives a lecture on Madam CJ Walker’s contribution to the hot comb.

When Spice compares using a hot comb to skin bleaching, Mimi says it’s not the same. In her opinion, changing hair texture isn’t the same as changing one’s skin.

However, Spice and the museum employee stress that bleaching in Jamaica isn’t widely accepted.

When they get outside, Spice and Mimi have another heated conversation.

Spice feels she needs to lighten her skin to prove a point.

But Mimi says this will  make her look like a sell out.

When Spice says Mimi doesn’t understand because she’s lighter, Mimi gets really angry.

Spice asks what Mimi would do if her next child is dark-skinned and Mimi says she will love her.

Realizing that the conversation is going nowhere, Spice decides they should just end it.

Bambi gives birth to a boy.

Although Scrappy isn’t a first time dad, he’s happy to now have a son too.

It’s a very happy moment for the couple.

They name him Breland.

Rasheeda and Mimi catch up.

Mimi gives Rasheeda an update on Spice.

They tune into Spice’s Instagram Live session.

Spice has lightened her skin.

This confuses Sierra, Tokyo, Rasheeda, Mimi and Shekinah.

Tokyo seems to think men have a lot of black women hating who they are.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Anonymous

    April 16, 2019 at 1:37 pm

    Tokyo has a point. It’s not fair for you to criticize someone else’s weight when you hopped on the table to get the smaller size you have.

    Kirk and Rasheeda need to go on with this storyline. They have been eating off this Jasmine storyline for like five years now. And the audacity of criticizing her parenting when Kirk just started seeing the child on a regular basis.

    Spice’s storyline is straight booty cheeks. Being light skinned for a day doesn’t eliminate colorism but it does give her some short term attention and a storyline which I think was the real purpose of her doing it.

    Overall, this season has just been okay.

  2. Queen

    April 16, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    Jasmine didn’t even have Kirk’s phone number. And he will only talk to her mother and grandmother. If you ask me, neither has room to criticize the other’s parenting. They are both a mess. Rasheeda too.

  3. Im Sayin

    April 16, 2019 at 2:12 pm

    Spice is pretty. I think Mona is trying to make all her shows focus on serious issues right now. On LHHNY, they talked about postpartum depression and the foster care system. Now on LHHATL they are talking about colorism and obesity. Although I appreciate that, all of her shows have gotten so boring.

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