Married To Medicine LA Season 1 Episode 6 Recap


M2MLA Recap: Imani Apologizes to Jazmin + Noelle’s Psychic Goes off on Britten & Jazmin

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Married To Medicine LA Season 1 Episode 6

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Noelle has a background as a professional dancer. 

She even toured with MC Hammer. 

Asha joins her as they audition dancers for Noelle’s upcoming birthday party. 

50-60 people are coming. 

The theme will be a black and white masquerade party.

Noelle tells Asha that she’s also inviting Shanique. 

While Asha isn’t thrilled, she knows the party will be fun.

It’s time for Shanique to make things right. 

Shanique is still trying to find a balance between work and her home life. 

When she gets home, she asks her daughter if she’s still being bullied by a mean girl. 

Her daughter says yes and Shanique says she has her own cookie monster, referring to Asha. 

In a green screen interview, Shanique says she’s planning on apologizing to Asha. 

Imani’s mom comes by.

They discuss the fact that Imani has been in touch with her father. 

She hasn’t heard back from him since she told him she wanted to see him. 

Imani found out that she has a sister and she’s spoken to her. 

Luckily, they have been able to bond. Both her father and sister live in Fort Worth, Texas. 

They have never met and she’s thinking about reaching out to her sister to see if their dad talked to her about Imani. 

But Imani’s mother says that this is a desperate thing to do. 

Imani breaks down crying as her mother tells her that she’s not going to ever have a good relationship with her father. 

Mack is back in LA. 

Since the kids are back in Orlando, they go out on a date. 

With Britten still unable to find a house, Mack once again says he really wants her to move faster. 

If Britten can’t find anything, Mack wants her to move back to Orlando. 

In a green screen interview, Britten says this is not happening.

Imani gives Phil an update on her father.

Now that her mother has told her to stop trying to have a relationship with her father, Imani would like to see her sister. 

They have never seen each other, not in person and not on FaceTime. 

Phil thinks this is a good idea.

It’s the night of Noelle’s birthday party.

Noelle has also planned for her yoga instructor Sahara to be the psychic for the night because she’s intuitive. 

Asha tells Noelle she got a part on “Days of Our Lives.” 

She’s really thrilled about this and so is Noelle.

Jazmin and Shanique are en route to the party.

Shanique tells Jazmin that she’s going to apologize to Asha. She understands that the comments she made insuiated that there was infidelity in her marriage. 

As for Jazmin, she’s still upset with Imani. 

She wants the comments made about her house and husband to stop.

Imani apologizes to Jazmin.

Noelle and Imani chat at the party. 

While Jazmine is upset by Imani’s comments, Noelle says she didn’t take the comments seriously. She thought Imani was just joking. 

Not too long after, Imani walks up to Jazmin and asks if they can talk in private. 

Jazmin and Jazmin’s mom tell Imani the conversation can happen where they are. 

Imani apologizes and says she knows she can come off as “flippant.” 

Jazmin says this is BS and Imani fully understands that alluding to something like that can hurt a doctor’s reputation. 

She just doesn’t feel the apology is genuine and she believes Imani is a hater. 

So she’s not accepting Imani’s apology. 

In a green screen interview, Imani says she’s cool with “Barbie” not accepting her apology. 

After Noelle gives her speech, she has all the women move to a small room so they can meet her psychic Sahara. 

Sahara irritates Britten.

She tells Asha she’s going to have twins. 

Sahara tells Britten there’s major decisions she’s dealing with. Plus, there is a wall up. 

She gets irritated when Britten can’t tell her what she’s resistant about. 

When Britten says she has nothing to put on the table, Sahara gets annoyed and Britten decides to leave. 

Jazmin is up next. 

Sahara isn’t able to figure out where Jazmin is from or that she’s been married for years. 

At this point, Sahara says there’s a shadow around her husband. When Sahara says she doesn’t want to put everything on the table, Jazmin tells her not to. 

“Well I won’t!” – Sahara

In a green screen interview, Jazmin says it’s obvious Noelle has said some things to Sahara about her and her husband. 

Regardless, Jazmin decides to walk off as Sahara continues to fume. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 


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  1. Queen

    April 8, 2019 at 5:17 pm

    Imani only apologized because her mother told her to. That’s not a genuine apology. But Jazmin shouldn’t have had the conversation in front of her family. That was childish.

    • Jasmine

      April 8, 2019 at 5:47 pm

      Agreed. Both of them annoyed me last night.

  2. Anonymous

    April 8, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    None of the women on this show are all that likable.

  3. Dominique

    April 8, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    I’m still trying to understand why Jazmin did that made Imani come for her and her husband so hard. It’s just weird to me how much Imani hates her. Even after that apology, she’s still shading her left and right. Did we miss some backstory between them?

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