Future Gets Dragged for Birthday Message to Baby Future

Future And Russell Wilson
Photo Credit: Genius/Instagram/screengrab

Future spends a lot of time working and traveling to keep his rap career afloat.

This may be one of the reasons he’s been back and forth to court with Ciara.

In court documents, Ciara claimed that Future would just leave Baby Future in the care of his mother and grandmother during their appointed days together.

Future has also been vocal about the fact that he doesn’t see his kids as much because of his career. But he feels it’s a sacrifice his kids have to make so they can live an affluent lifestyle.

His actions and past comments have led to criticism.

So it’s no surprise that some aren’t feeling his birthday message to Baby Future.

Check out the Instagram post below.

A lot of people felt like the message wasn’t sentimental at all.

And that feeling was only magnified after Russell posted his birthday message to Baby Future an hour later:

Right now on Twitter, Future is mainly being dragged for buying Baby Future a Rolex while Russell is bonding with the child via more memorable moments.

What are your thoughts?

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