Watch: Spice Checks Shekinah Over Comments Made About Akbar V

Photo Credit: VH1

Shekinah probably wasn’t expecting Spice to call her out over her comments about Akbar.

But that’s exactly what happens on the upcoming episode of LHHATL.

It all started after Shekinah, Sierra and Spice met up for some wine tasting.

They discussed Sierra’s interest in Scrapp and then Akbar became a topic.

Shekinah expressed Akbar has issues with her because they have an ex in common. And Akbar ended up having a baby with that ex.

So she pulled up to Rasheeda and Kirk’s relationship forum, and things got messy.

Irritated that Akbar tried to run up on her, Shekinah said Akbar needs to be worried about taking care of her kids.

This made Spice feel some type of way as Spice has to be away from her kids often for her music career.

So she told Shekinah she can’t talk about Akbar’s kids and she can’t speak on anyone’s parenting when she’s not yet a mother.

Check out the preview below.

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