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‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Jackie Apologizes to Mariah + Heavenly & Simone Make Progress

Married to Medicine Season 7 Episode 3

Photo Credit: Bravo

Quad and Simone get nowhere.

Simone leaves the restaurant heated. Her conversation with Quad did not go well. Quad wanted to discuss their blowup at Heavenly’s crab broil two years ago. And Simone feels like it was a messy thing for Quad to do. When Simone gets home, she recaps everything to Cecil. She recalls clearing things up at the crab broil with Quad two years ago.

Toya comes over Mariah’s house to catch up with her and Lake. Mariah feels like Jackie isn’t taking ownership for repeating the drug accusations on the podcast. She feels like all Jackie had to do is apologize. Toya says she wishes all the ladies were at least in a place where they could all talk things out. Mariah says that can happen when everyone acknowledges what they did.

Simone and Jackie make a deal.

Jackie comes clean to Simone. She says that she wants her to forgive Heavenly so they can all be close again. Simone says that Jackie has to do the same with Mariah then. Both women agree to try to set something up with Heavenly and Mariah so they can make things right.

Contessa confides in Heavenly about her blowup with Scott. But Heavenly understands Scott’s point of view. She says a woman’s place is with her kids. And Contessa shouldn’t have left the kids behind with Scott to go back to school in Tennessee. In a green screen interview, Contessa says Heavenly is the exact opposite of a domestic goddess herself.

Eugene and Toya discuss the miscarriage with the kids.

Toya and Eugene talk about the kids. Apparently one of their sons has been acting out in school. They think this could be due to the miscarriage. So they talk to the kids about it. And their sons admit they are upset they lost the baby. Toya consoles them and tells them they can talk about it whenever they want to. After their sons go back upstairs, Toya admits that she’s realizing that she may not be okay emotionally. Eugene wants her to know they can try again when she’s ready.

Simone has a meeting with Cecil and their sons. She goes over a list of things that have to change. Simone wants them to clean up behind themselves and take out the trash more. She also doesn’t want to have to take their dog Sam outside to walk and potty. After she wraps up, her sons jokingly give her a list of things they need her to work on, including not talking so loud all the time.

Heavenly has a talk with her daughter. She tells her not to worry about having a boyfriend until she’s 18. And it’s always best to ignore boys until then. When Damon comes around, their daughter walks away from the conversation. Heavenly says it’s hard to see the kids grow up sometimes.

Quad vents about Simone.

Jackie comes by Quad’s place. Quad tells her about her disastrous meeting with Simone. Jackie tells Quad she needs to move on from what happened at the crab boil. In a green screen interview, Jackie says Simone shouldn’t have to apologize over and over again. But it’s hard for Quad to move on because she’s still hurt by it.

Simone brings Mariah to a restaurant. She eventually admits they are there to meet Jackie and Heavenly. Mariah isn’t thrilled. And Heavenly isn’t either after she’s tricked into showing up with Jackie. It’s very awkward at first. The women don’t talk much while all sitting at the table.

Simone and Heavenly make progress.

They eventually start engaging one another. Jackie says she understands she offended Mariah by repeating what had been said by Quad. And she apologizes for offending Mariah. Mariah accepts her apology.

Things get tricky when Heavenly and Simone talk about Cecil. Heavenly feels like Cecil was wrong to repeat Mariah’s pressure wash shade on Twitter. And Simone feels like Heavenly was wrong to clap back at Cecil about not having a job. At this point, Heavenly says that Damon would never do this. Simone gets annoyed and says that Damon is doing some things that Cecil would never do. Heavenly gets angry and demands to be told what those things are. Mariah then suggests they all cool off and she takes Simone to the restroom to calm down.

When Simone and Mariah return to the table, Heavenly says there are no comparisons because Damon is a better husband. Simone breaks down in tears and says Heavenly says hurtful things. Heavenly says Simone has said hurtful things as well. But she apologizes for what she’s said about Cecil. Both women hug to out and decide to move on. However, none of the women are really sure things won’t come apart, again.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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