LHHMIA Recap: Tea is Spilled About Amara’s Boo Emjay + Saucy Santana Comes for Miami Tip

LHHMIA Season 3 Episode 8
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Mami Ani has more concerns.

Amara is on cloud nine after her first show without Julian. Her mother congratulates her for it and they discuss Amara’s conversation with her father. He told her he has no money and he needs her to financially support him because he can’t afford his cancer treatments.

Mami Ana is not here for this. She says Amara’s father never made an effort to be in her life and he’s only around now because of her fame and money. But Amara doesn’t think this is true. She wants to be there for him.

Trick is on Brisco’s mind.

Brisco goes bowling with his son and baby momma Chello. He wants to prove himself to Chello so they can get back together. Plus, Trick’s arrest has been on his mind. He doesn’t like that Trick is self-medicating with drugs to deal with Lupus. So he wants to have a conversation with Trick to encourage him to stop using.

Saucy Santana has beef with Miami Tip.

Sukihana and Kamillion go to the studio to catch up with Saucy Santana. The ladies confirm to Santana that they are moving forward with their tour. They just need to find a good tour manager.

Santana wants to have a mixtape release party for his new project. He says he doesn’t want to invite Miami Tip because of what she said after he got shot. While Santana believes he was the victim of a hate crime after he left a club, Tip got on IG and said that he caused trouble in the club and took his pants off. When security told him he can’t do that, he then got into it with them. She doesn’t think this was discrimination based on his sexuality.

After Sukihana attempts to say it’s just a misunderstanding, Santana says that he wants Tip to come to his party because he has something for her.

Emjay has a plan.

Emjay takes Amara to look at puppies. Although Emjay finds one he thinks Amara will love, she doesn’t want the reasonability. But he tells her he bought the dog already. She starts to change her mind anyway as she holds the dog.

After getting Amara a new dog, Emjay tells Amara she should let him manage her. He says he can do it temporarily until she finds a permanent replacement for Julian. In a green screen interview, Amara says she doesn’t know where this is coming from since he never managed anyone before. But she tells him she will think about it.

Sukihana, Hood Brat, Kamillion, and Miami Tip have auditions to find a tour manager.

They don’t like any of the people who show up. So they decide to keep looking.

After the auditions, Sukihana tells Miami Tip about Saucy Santana’s feelings about her. But Tip regrets nothing. She feels that all she did was say what could have led to him getting shot. And he made himself out to be a victim without saying what he did before the shooting.

Regardless, Tip says she likes him. And she’s open to apologizing.

PreMadonna wants Amara to be careful.

It’s the day of Santana’s release party.

Amara tells PreMadonna about Emjay wanting to manage her. She feels like it’s putting a lot of pressure on their relationship. And after what happened with Julian, she’s learned her lesson.

PreMadonna has known Emjay for a “long time,” and she doesn’t think he’s the type to take advantage of Amara. But PreMadonna still thinks it’s important for Amara to be careful.

Trina’s former assistant Alvin tells Kamillion, Sukihana, and Hood Brat that he can help them with their wardrobe and help them manage their tour. He’s confident he can take them to the top.

Saucy Santana gets even.

When Miami Tip attempts to enter the party, the bouncer points to a sign that says no trespassing is allowed with Tip’s picture on it. Sukihana goes back inside to ask Santana to let Tip in, but he’s not having it. He says Tip needs to get on Instagram Live and apologize for what she said.

He also denies taking any of his clothes off while he was inside the club.

After the drama, Tip decides to just leave.

Trick shuts down Brisco.

While playing a game of dominoes, Brisco attempts to talk to Trick about his recent arrest. But Trick isn’t having it and makes it clear that the topic is off-limits. Brisco is disappointed but respects Trick’s feelings. He hopes that Trick will be able to work things out.

Tea about Emjay is spilled.

PreMadonna goes back to see her old neighborhood before it is torn down. She runs into her close friend Annie while she’s there. They have some small talk.

Emjay is discussed and Annie says that Amara should be careful with him. When she was with Emjay, she gave him a lot of money to travel for his career. When the money went low, Emjay refused to get a job. So Annie is hoping he won’t “drain” Amara the same way he did her.

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