'Black Ink Crew' Star Miss Kitty Slams Young Bae for the Comment Made About Her Mother


‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Miss Kitty Slams Young Bae for the Comment Made About Her Mother

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Black Ink Crew” star Miss Kitty has just about had it with the New York crew. After it was said that she slept with Ryan, her friendships at the shop began to fall apart. Even though Kitty denied the rumor, Tati and Donna insisted that she’s not telling the truth. And she bragged about messing around with Ryan to them. So jabs have been thrown on social media.

Kitty’s friendship with Young Bae is also not in a good place. When the women attempted to talk things out in Philly amid the tattoo convention, the conversation got testy. And Bae ended up attacking Kitty.

Although Kitty was heated that Bae would put her hands on her, she’s also infuriated by the comment Bae made in reference to her mother.

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  1. Anonymous

    March 26, 2020 at 8:07 am

    I don’t like this season.

  2. Girl Bye

    March 26, 2020 at 8:28 am

    Oh please. Kitty is not a fighter. I don’t know why we’re supposed to sit here and believe she’s big and bad all of a sudden. Sky started all this sh-t but Kitty won’t ever run up on her now will she?

    • Stephanie

      March 27, 2020 at 12:23 pm

      Kitty you’re not a fighter Stay classy

    • Delores singh

      March 27, 2020 at 3:47 pm

      Why didnt bae hit her father hes the one who damaged her all she knows is how to attack. But she attack kitty go hit your dad back you’re a big girl now

      • Girl Bye

        March 27, 2020 at 4:33 pm

        I’m not even surprised you zombie like Kitty stans are now making light of domestic violence in defense of your god Kitty. Eww.

  3. Tiffani Young

    March 26, 2020 at 10:45 am

    Ha Ha Ha so Bae showed Kit what time it was.

  4. Cheslea

    March 26, 2020 at 11:16 am

    Bae ain’t did sh-t all that b-tch did was swing her jacket and security jumped in. I really believe Kitty would have whooped her a-s if the security guards didn’t hold her back and take her outside. Bae,Donna and Tati but ain’t nothing but fake a-s hoes.

    • llawrence

      March 26, 2020 at 11:39 am

      No Kitty is not going to do nothing if she was she would have ran up on Donna when she told her she was going to beat her a-s. Kitty just stood there looking stupid. Donna was real with her. Kitty is just a chick that goes for men who are in a relationship cause she can’t pull a men that is single.

      • Dee Dee

        March 26, 2020 at 1:09 pm

        Agreed. I have no issue with Kitty but it’s annoying how all of a sudden she has all these fans and they are acting like she’s Floyd Mayweather/Mike Tyson. We’ve never seen this woman beat anyone’s a-s before but now we’re sure she can beat Bae’s a-s?

        • Dont matter

          March 26, 2020 at 1:39 pm

          Sooooo you missed the whole part with Donna and Tati just lingering around Kit at the convention acting like little kids saying she acting like she don’t see us and when Kit did acknowledge them Tati was silent and. Kit straight looked at Donna and said I thought you were beating me up on sight …….you missed all that right.

          • Dee Dee

            March 26, 2020 at 1:46 pm

            I think you missed the part where I said you brand new Kitty fans are going around here and every corner of the internet acting like she’s Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson because here you are doing just that. Like I said, we’re never seen her beat anyone’s a-s. And I d-mn sure don’t see anyone going around here saying Donna can beat everyone’s a-s either. When did Kitty get so tough? Last year? Until she beats Sky’s a-s, you know the person who started all of this, she ain’t tough. So miss me with your stanning. Y’all didn’t give a f-ck about this girl a year ago. How fake.

          • Lenard Smith

            March 26, 2020 at 10:50 pm

            Yes they al miss ed d that part they need to stop acting like children. Bae Donna Tati need to chill out

        • Tee

          March 28, 2020 at 10:25 pm

          Bae is just another black girl hating Korean like the nail shop monsters that disrespect black women. The only reason she hung out with them girls was to stay on the show. She don’t like them black girls.

      • Regina Michelle Brown

        March 26, 2020 at 5:19 pm

        Actually Kit had an altercation wit Duchess. Dutch maced Kit, ran and locked herself in da room.

        • Tina W

          March 26, 2020 at 5:35 pm

          Dutchess? LMAO! Dutchess can’t even fight!!!!! And that wasn’t no d-mn altercation. That’s your proof that Kitty got hands? Really? Man yall have gotten desperate!! Did Kitty put a root or something on you people? I’m trying to understand why all of a sudden she has stans and yall think she got hands all of a sudden when she has never stepped to anyone who can actually fight. She needs to sit her a-s down somewhere.

      • DcHon3y

        March 26, 2020 at 7:44 pm

        Non of them in the shop “Beat” no one’s [email protected]@. Acting crazy and being louder than the other don’t make them fighters! Don’t ever underestimate a non fighter it can be your last fight! People that don’t fight don’t mean they can’t and people that fight..you know what they can do…I teach my kids that! Like my kids say FACTS! Don’t sleep out here.

        • Tina W

          March 26, 2020 at 7:58 pm

          That’s the thing though. We’ve seen Kitty fight and she’s not good at it. She doesn’t even throw punches. Sis pulls hair like all the others. The only one who actually throws punches is Sky. Which is why Kitty won’t step to her even though she started all of this sh-t. When people say Kitty is not a fighter, they are saying she can’t fight. Period.

        • Cheslea

          March 26, 2020 at 11:09 pm

          Thank you all these people on here playing Kitty like she’s weak cause she don’t just run up on people. Like I said before if Donna was so hard why she didn’t beat Kitty a-s on sight like she said she was

          • llawrence told the truth

            March 27, 2020 at 6:45 am

            If Kitty is so hard, why hasn’t she checked Sky? You do remember Sky started all of this, right?

      • Santana Davis

        March 31, 2020 at 5:02 pm

        I agree with you they’re are all.SCARY A-S WH-RES!!!

    • Desiree

      March 26, 2020 at 1:30 pm

      Kitty ain’t beating sh-t.

      • Ratchet Queen

        March 26, 2020 at 1:44 pm


    • Anonymous

      March 26, 2020 at 1:56 pm

      She’s not going to beat anyone’s a-s. She’s going to pull some hair like she always does.

      • I Said It

        March 26, 2020 at 2:28 pm

        The only chick who throws actual punches on Black Ink is Sky. And that’s why they are scared of her. Kitty included.

        • Anthony Clay

          March 27, 2020 at 1:46 am

          What about Donna ,Donna will throw them hands and she did it with Sky

    • Tina W

      March 26, 2020 at 5:44 pm

      You have literally no receipts that Kitty can fight. Please cut the sh-t man.

    • Sham

      March 27, 2020 at 11:33 am

      Thank you I’m sorry them hoes don’t want it wit kitty. First of all bae why are you speaking on behalf of two grown a-s women them b-tches got all that mouth on TV and social media but just as bae met up so can y’all. My thing is this b-tch Fraser fired me and I’m supposed to be still coming around the shop frolicking with y’all dumb a-ses who ain’t gone pay my bills. They put the RACHET IN RACHET. KITY them hoes jealous

      • Pat

        March 27, 2020 at 11:47 am

        Kitty can’t fight and no one is scared of her. And what the f-ck is there to be jealous of?

    • Lisa

      March 28, 2020 at 10:10 am

      Oh no…Donna and Tatti are in fact, REAL HOES!!

  5. Random

    March 26, 2020 at 11:49 am

    I don’t understand why people are getting mad a kitty. They’re the ones who have been not only talking sh-t about her but harassing her non stop. They’re the ones who turned on her over some rumor and then they decided to snake her out but now they’re mad bc she don’t wanna deal with them and now Bae’s going as far as speaking on that woman’s mother knowing d-mn well she’s dead but now people are mad at her for defending herself?

    • Pretty gurl

      March 26, 2020 at 1:18 pm

      Kitty hasn’t ran up on any of the them..they’re picking her..

    • Tina W

      March 26, 2020 at 5:44 pm

      Kitty has a stank a-s attitude and she’s not as innocent as yall say she is. I believe 100 percent that she talked sh-t about all these people and smiled in their faces. Everybody can’t be lying on her a-s.

  6. Cheslea

    March 26, 2020 at 1:17 pm

    And I have never seen Donna beat anybody a-s but I did see sky beat her a-s. Everybody coming for Kitty like she’s the bad guy. People act like Kitty have right to defend herself against these hoes at the shop that keep coming for her for no reason. And as far as her running up on Donna lol Donna was the one was The Who said she was gonna beat Kitty a-s when she see her but yet she didn’t do sh-t but run her mouth

    • Desiree

      March 26, 2020 at 1:31 pm

      Donna and Sky fought two times. First time Sky had the advantage, second time Donna beat her in the head so many times Sky was ready to hug and apologize right after. But I tell you who doesn’t even have the courage to step to Sky and that’s Kitty’s scary a-s. All of a sudden Kitty is tough but won’t check the person who started all this sh-t and that’s Sky!

      • Tina W

        March 26, 2020 at 5:46 pm

        This all d-mn day. Donna got more heart than all these d-mn girls. She will fight Sky while Kitty keeps pretending Sky didn’t start all this sh-t. How you ready to fight Bae but partying with Sky on New Year’s like she ain’t the one who got all this sh-t started in the first place?

    • Tina W

      March 26, 2020 at 5:45 pm

      At least Donna has the courage to square up with Sky. When will Kitty’s a-s? Especially since Sky started all of this sh-t. How is she stepping to everyone BUT Sky?

  7. Cheslea

    March 26, 2020 at 1:22 pm

    Kitty has every right to defend herself I wish everyone just leave her alone sh-t they need her for storyline sh-t I wonder what next season gone be like.

    • Tina W

      March 26, 2020 at 5:48 pm

      Need her for a storyline? Well, she ain’t been delivering. Ratings are terrible. I guess Kitty ain’t the sh-t after all. Season is all about her and people outside the internet don’t give a f-ck enough to actually watch the show. New York ratings been trash since she got bumped up to a main cast member. Now Chicago is flopping too. Hmm.

  8. llawrence

    March 26, 2020 at 3:24 pm

    You don’t talk sh-t about everybody and then lie about it and that’s what Kitty did. Kitty sleep with whoever to keep her spot on this show. She should be glad Donna did come for her. All the women on that show will bring the noise to Kitty.

  9. llawrence

    March 26, 2020 at 3:26 pm

    Thank You

  10. Meaty Bone Thuggin

    March 26, 2020 at 4:22 pm

    Kitty smashing Ryan & Don. Cease kept her on that’s his fault. Sky is more of a traitor than Cease thinks. Cease smack Ryan, and you will feel better.

    • Diane Thomas

      March 26, 2020 at 4:58 pm

      Cease do not want to slap Ryan and Donna better worry about what man gone do when he fine out her and Tati. To me 9mag is better thank black ink doing tattoos

  11. llawrence

    March 26, 2020 at 5:58 pm

    I agree with you

  12. llawrence

    March 26, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    I didn’t say Dutchess I said Donna

  13. llawrence

    March 26, 2020 at 6:06 pm

    I hope Kitty don’t read what they are saying on here and try and run up on Donna.

  14. llawrence

    March 26, 2020 at 9:37 pm

    Kitty is not going to get active with none of them Facts

  15. llawrence

    March 26, 2020 at 9:40 pm

    That’s whats up

  16. Whatever

    March 26, 2020 at 11:46 pm

    This show is going down hills anyways.

  17. Anonymous

    March 27, 2020 at 6:49 am

    No one is scared of Kitty. Her stans need to stop hyping her up.

  18. llawrence

    March 27, 2020 at 2:05 pm

    I think you mean Kitty don’t want none, Kitty is not about that life.

  19. llawrence

    March 27, 2020 at 2:06 pm

    Thank You for saying that

  20. llawrence

    March 27, 2020 at 2:20 pm

    That’s right Sky was the one who said Kitty was with Ryan and Kitty still hasn’t said anything to Sky, she knows what will happen to her.

  21. Kari

    March 27, 2020 at 3:10 pm

    I’m so confused by these comments… You have people saying kitty can’t fight, she still has not fought anybody yet, ECT. But then people are describing how kitty fights, which one is it? All I’m saying is don’t hype everyone up but also don’t underestimate someone either.

    • Anonymous

      March 27, 2020 at 3:34 pm

      Let me help you boo. Kitty has fought on the show and she has no hands. She just pulls hair. And she’s not dumb enough to get tough with Sky. I hope I summarized it all for you.

  22. T

    March 28, 2020 at 12:16 am

    Anybody that’s is a friend and put her business out there is not your friend. Sky mentioned it but Tati and Donna exposed the rest and she’s closer to them then Sky. Never underestimate a person that you think can’t fight, those the one that beat your a-s unexpectedly.if you’re a real friend you don’t exposed that person it shows that your fake as sh-t

    • Cheslea

      March 28, 2020 at 5:36 pm

      Thank you T cause everybody that’s commenting against Kitty do seem to realize that. Yea Sky is the one who blurted it out but it was Tati who told Sky. That’s who Kitty has the biggest problem and that’s Tati cause at the end of she was supposed to be a friend but she showed her true colors last season. Donna and Bae turned on for no reason but like always these women try to find a reason behind the fake a-s sh-t they do by saying Kitty be talking sh-t about everybody but what’s so funny about it is all of them was cool with Kitty before all this started now after the fact I they want to say she was never a good friend blah blah blah. Like I said before Tati Donna and Bae are the fake ones.

      • Babygirl

        March 28, 2020 at 5:58 pm

        This is not true. Tati and Sky don’t even talk like that. They aren’t friends. In fact, Kitty talks to Sky more than Tati does. Tati did not tell Sky anything. Sky said she read it on a blog. She said so on the show. Tati told Cease it was true when he asked her. Sky started all of this and Kitty continues to kiss her butt anyway.

        • Cheslea

          March 28, 2020 at 7:05 pm

          Yea a blog name Tati. You do realize that nobody else read or even seen this so call blog that Sky said she read it from. Put two and two together and you will see who the one really brought it up. It was Kitty and Ryan and Tati at the festival so come in now. Tati fake a-s was saying that sh-t to Sky. Sky didn’t want to put Tati on blast so she made like she read it in a blog. And when Ceaser asked Tati her fake a-s had no problem throwing her under the bus for Ceaser. H-ll Tati was looking dumb a-s h-ll when Sky blurted that’s sh-t.

          • Babygirl

            March 28, 2020 at 7:13 pm

            No, a blog named It’s Only Entertainment dot Net that has over 300,000 followers on Instagram. It’s interesting how you guys will jump through hoops to not place any blame on Sky. Y’all must be scared of her too just like Kitty is.

          • Cheslea

            March 28, 2020 at 7:21 pm

            Girl please ain’t nobody scared of that nutcase. So I’m assuming you read this so call blog.

          • Babygirl

            March 28, 2020 at 7:28 pm

            Yep I do read it and so do 359,999 other people including all the reality stars who follow the page like Sky 🤷🏾‍♀️. And yes, everyone on the show is afraid of Sky except Donna. No one else has stepped to her besides Donna and Rah Ali. Kitty looks dumb hanging out with the person who started all of this. Couldn’t be me.

          • Cheslea

            March 28, 2020 at 7:44 pm

            But still Tati was her close friend so it was very wrong for Tati to tell Ceaser anything. That’s why Kitty came for Tati in the first place cause she ain’t a Loyal friend. Sky might started all this by blurting it out but it wasn’t Sky who was constantly dragging Kitty on Social Media it was Tati Donna and Bae. Sky was trying to fix the situation but it was to late. I think the whole issue has to do with the fact that none of those women is loyal and Kitty found out the hard way.

  23. Kim

    March 28, 2020 at 2:56 pm

    I’m so confused WHY this entire crew is concerned about what Ms. Kitty is doing with HER Kitty. Cease didn’t want a committed relationship with her but mad she may be with someone else. Why? HE HOT! The women on the show looking crazy. Giving her a platform constantly talking about this foolishness. Fighting? Lol WTH? PURE IGNORANCE THIS SEASON. Stop your looking like FOOLS

  24. Tarsha

    March 30, 2020 at 9:11 am

    Kitty is a class act! Donna is ugly and shaped funny, Tati is a hoe she f-cked Teddy and now sleeping with nasty body Donna! Bae ain’t sh-t without Donna and Tati! They all need to mind they business! And furthermore…Ryan is fine as h-ll

    • the delusion is real

      March 30, 2020 at 9:18 am

      What’s classy about sleeping your way to the top? Kitty is not classy. Furthermore, Bae has her own tattoo shop. She certainly is someone without Tati and Donna. But what would Kitty be without Cease and Ryan? It’s crazy how y’all think a person sleeping with people to advance themelsves is somehow a winner and goals. I’m glad I can’t relate.

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