‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Ryan & Cease Discuss Kitty + Cease Gets Bad News

Black Ink Crew Season 8 Episode 22
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Kitty stands firm.

The crew spends another day at the tattoo convention in Philly. Of course, there has already been some drama. Donna and Tati clashed with Kitty. And later on, Bae and Miss Kitty nearly came to blows.

So Bae gives Donna and Tati a recap of what went down with her and Kitty. And she thinks all Kitty has to do is just apologize for her role in everything. But it’s clear that won’t be happening.

Meanwhile, Kitty recaps what happened to Ryan and Don. When it comes to apologizing, she refuses. She says she doesn’t understand why there’s so much animosity. Now she’s feeling as if the ladies in New York just have it out for her.

So everyone is thinking there will be more drama at the convention party later that night.

Van shows up.

While Ceaser is at his booth, Van from Chicago comes by to speak. So the two men chat it up about all the drama going on. When it comes to Ryan, Van doesn’t think Ryan is loyal to people who were there for him in the beginning. And it’s messed up how he’s handling the Kitty situation. So Van says that Cease needs to have a man to man moment with Ryan.

Cease makes an announcement.

Later on at the party, the two crews don’t even speak when they see each other. And Ryan says he only gives respect when he receives it.

Beanie Sigel gets on stage to perform and invites Cease on stage. After he wraps up his performance, Cease picks up the mic and tells the crowd he’s opening a tattoo shop in Chicago since there isn’t an official Black Ink there. Of course, Ryan doesn’t seem too pleased by this. And he says that Cease is making an emotional decision. So he asks Cease if they can speak outside.

Ryan and Cease talk.

When they get outside, Ryan says it’s disrespectful for Cease to open a shop in Chicago before talking to him first. And he wouldn’t move like that.

He then says he’s not messing around with Kitty. But Cease thinks he’s lying. And he tells Ryan he will see him in Chicago.

Cease doesn’t back down.

When the gang gets back to New York, Puma tells Cease he thinks opening a shop in Chicago is moving too fast. But Cease disagrees and says business is all about growth. And it’s a good time to open the shop in Chicago now. The Kitty situation has shown him who Ryan really is. So he’s just focused on business.

When Walt walks into the shop, he tells them that Jess doesn’t know if she wants to get married anymore. And she expressed this after their therapy session.

LouGotCash arrives at the shop. He wants a tattoo of his mother and sisters on his arm close to his heart so they will always be close when he performs.

So Cease delivers.

Alex gets upset.

Donna and Alex go on an Ice Cream date. He tells her he doesn’t want to a baby right now. But he does hope it’s something she wants to do one day.

They talk about Tati and Donna says they have been messing around for like a month. And she doesn’t think this is cheating.

Alex says it sounds like Donna and Tati are in an intimate relationship. And since she hid it from him, it’s a different situation. So he storms off.

Rok has an idea.

Bae tells Rok about her last meeting with her father. She’s still upset about it and she doesn’t think she has anything left to say to him. So it’s time to move on. She will never understand her father’s actions. He suggests that they angry paint and this turns out to be a great idea.

The next day, Puma sees a note that says the lease is up and the crew must vacate in 30 days. Puma calls Cease so he can head over to the shop. They’ve been in the building for ten years.

Cease says he’s been trying to tell the building owner to give him a new lease for days but he kept giving Cease the runaround. And Cease just paid the rent days ago. He gets upset and flips a table. Cease feels as if he should have bought the building.

Although Cease is very upset, Puma calms him down and says they have 30 days to fight to keep the shop.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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