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‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Rachel is Asked About Miss Kitty Amid Rumors About Her & Ryan

Photo Credit: VH1

Rachel doesn’t want to get back together with Ryan.

Viewers of “Black Ink Crew Chicago” know that Ryan’s relationship with Rachel continues to overshadow any other romance he has. This is due to the fact that Ryan has wanted them to get back together. He wanted to work things out so that they could be a family again. And this is something Ryan has been trying to have for a while now.

But Rachel doesn’t want this. Of course, this is a result of Ryan cheating on her. So the trust just isn’t there.

In fact, the last straw for Rachel was Ryan hooking up with Kat. Rachel felt really disrespected. Kat leaving the shop didn’t help things. Since then, Ryan seemed to develop some type of relationship with Miss Kitty. But that was tested after Ryan vacationed with Rachel and the kids to Mexico.

Kitty was publicly embarrassed because she received backlash on social media. Ryan didn’t take up for her, so this didn’t sit well with Kitty.

Rachel is asked about Kitty.

While Ryan may still not be clear on what the future holds with Rachel, it seems as if Rachel is very clear. Later on in the season, she has a conversation with someone about Ryan. She is asked if she wants to get back together with Ryan. And she says, “It’s over and done with at this point.”

When Rachel is then asked if she feels this way because of Kitty, she has an interesting look on her face.

You can check out the trailer below.

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