RHOP Stars Ashley Darby & Chris Bassett Face-Off over Michael Darby

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Chris Bassett discusses his problem with Michael Darby.

When it comes to drama on “Real Housewives of Potomac,” sometimes the husbands get pulled in. As of now, Chris Bassett has his own feud to deal with. In fact, Candiace Dillard’s husband is not a fan of Michael Darby. On the season finale, the men had a heated moment. Michael heard Candiace yelling at Karen, and he told Chris that he needed to “control” his wife. He didn’t think it was a good look for Candiace to be going off on Karen at Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon’s party.

Chris didn’t receive this well. And he thought Micahel was actually being disrespectful towards Candiace. So he pushed Michael and wanted him out of his personal space. As for Michael, he was upset that he was pushed. And he threatened to sue Chris.

Chris was asked about this at the reunion.

On a preview for part 3 of the reunion, Andy Cohen asks Chris why he reacted that way. And Chris says, “I don’t tolerate disrespect towards women. Chris and I have had that conversation before. Ray and I have had that conversation before. Umm, Michael has a history of disrespecting women on this platform. And I’m not going to allow any man to disrespect my wife, ever…it just won’t happen.”

Ashley Darby then responds.

She says, “A lot of the women on this show have said derogatory things about my husband.” Candiace then interjects and says this is because Michael is a “creep.” Chris then tells Candiace to let Ashley finish speaking.

Ashley goes on to say, “So there have been a lot of things said about my husband. And he has defended himself. And some people perceive that to be disrespectful. But yet it’s okay to drag his name through the mud. That’s not okay.”

At this point, Chris explains how he feels Michael should have handled the situation. And he does so by speaking to Ashley.

“You…also you and my wife have gone back and forth for many years. I’ve never gotten involved in that relationship, you two, wherever it’s going. If I had an issue with Michael, much like I would have done with Chris, I would have gone to him at a separate time, not at someone else’s party. Not if I’ve been drinking. I would have reached out personally to say, ‘Hey. This is what’s going on.'”

He continues, “Chris, two years ago, almost beat the sh*t out of Michael before the reunion because of the allegations of the things you were saying about Monique being drunk. Point being, you were upset because Michael came at you sideways. He didn’t come at you the way I have come at you…”

Chris Samuels then finishes Chris’ sentence for him, “Like a man.”

And Chris Bassett finishes his point, “Exactly. In a way that is conducive to having a conversation with people.”

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