Lauren Williams Has No Regrets About Not Allowing Kenya Moore at Event for Porsha Williams

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Lauren Williams didn’t want Kenya Moore at her event.

Kenya Moore has had a lot to say about Porsha Williams‘ activism. In fact, the first time she went public with her feelings was on social media. She’s accused Porsha of using protests as her storyline on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Porsha has responded to this. And she said that she felt as if Kenya was just being a negative person. And Kenya should actually be in support of any black woman who is fighting for the cause.

Then recently, a preview for the recent episode became a hot topic on social media.

In the clip, Kenya had a conversation with Kandi Burruss. She asked if anyone has spoken to Porsha since she’s been arrested, again. She later said that it seemed like Porsha and the other activists wanted to get arrested.

On the same episode, Lauren planned an event to celebrate Porsha’s activism. However, she didn’t invite Kenya. But she told Cynthia Bailey that Kenya could come as her plus one.

Cynthia later heard from Lauren that she no longer wanted Kenya to come. Lauren was fearful that Kenya could cause some problems and change the mood.

Kenya was not happy when she found out she wasn’t allowed to attend. To make matter worse, she was actually getting ready when she received the news. And she later vented to Kandi and questioned the authenticity of Porsha’s activism.

Lauren Williams addressed her change of heart.

Well, after the episode aired. Lauren had some things to say on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, “She has had my back since sleeping in hospital waiting room with me the night daddy died, to the day we buried him (pictured), to sleeping on the hospital floor while I was in labor with Bales, and everyday since then….. I’ll protect her at all costs everytime. That will never change ❤️  ❤️  @porsha4real.”

She continued, “Side note: I changed my mind within 2 hours of hesitantly extending the invite. My change of heart text was sent more than 24 hours before the party and only 2 hours after the invite.”

Interestingly enough, newbie Drew Sidora had things to get off her chest as well. She’s not here for Kenya coming for Porsha’s activism.

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  • Kenya never really got an actual invite and doesn’t respect Porsha’s activism so this is a non issue.

    • I agree wholeheartedly! No one needs someone at THEIR home who shades them EVERY chance that they get! GOOD RIDDANCE!

  • Way to go Luaren!
    Kenya feels hurt because her mouth! Finally she's held accountable for the things she says and does. She wants to be mad because Porsha said that she was wrong about how she treated Tonya, which she was. She was wrong to knock Cynthia's business on camera, that was not friend behavior. Porsha was right and Kenya want let it go.

  • Kenya is so self serving, the only person she cares about is herself. So what if there were cameras around during the protests. At least Porsha is doing something where as Kenya is doing nothing but being a hater.

  • Look at what she did at Marlo's wig launch. If it's not about her she'll find a way to be the center of attention.

  • Alcoholics hate to drink alone!kenya is miserable! She needs to drag others,into her miserable party. Don't answer her RSVP!@porsha and @draw

  • How did Lauren know what Kenya said causing her to disinvite her? This season isn't making any sense. Let me guess, Kandi is bone collecting again. I must say that I'm actually over Kandi at this point and with her gaslighting Kenya to get her to say something negative about the others especially Porsha. I'm also over Kenya being the villian EVERY season. Cynthia knew Lauren rescinded her invite to Kenya but waited until she was getting her hair and makeup done to tell her. Latoya is using Kenya to get a peach by laughing and making fun of drew and getting Kenya to join in. I applaud Porsha's efforts in protesting but her track record for violence isn't the best. She's had physical altercations with Kenya, Cynthia, and Jamie and almost had physical altercations with Marlo, and Yovanna.

  • I don’t think Kenya throw no more shade than the rest of the girls. They always have issues with Kenya. Sometimes Kenya needs to just sit back and listen to others and not comment because anything she says is gonna be told. Porsha protesting is good but there’s many black women protesting and also I still think about Porsha not knowing what The Underground Railroad was. Lauren is not revelant, she’s not an housewife but seems to need attention.

    • Yet, Kenya is the only one shading Porsha’s activism. So yes, she throws more shade than the others. Porsha made the Underground Railroad comment 8 years ago. Are you the same person you were 8 years ago? People can’t change in 8 years? No black woman should be criticized for protesting. And that includes Porsha.

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