‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Momma Dee Puts Scrappy & Bambi on Blast

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Scrappy and Bambi have had some ups and downs in the romance. At one point in time, Scrappy seemed to be torn between Erica Dixon and Bambi. He has a long history with Erica, and he was with her before they were on the show. They have a daughter, and they were close to tying the knot. But the engagement fell apart, and Erica said the issue was that Scrappy wasn’t faithful.

When Bambi entered the picture, it seemed as if Scrappy may have been messing around with both women at the same time. At the reunion one season, Erica even said that she and Scrappy hooked up at a hotel while he was supposed to be with Bambi.

Bambi would later wash her hands of Scrappy as she clashed with Momma Dee and struggled to get what she wanted out of the relationship. So she ended things and left the show. However, Scrappy would follow her to another city and declare his love. They got married not too long after. With two children together, Momma Dee is now alleging that they were having some issues in their marriage.

And Scrappy was heated when she shared this information with other “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” cast members.

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