Despite Being Fired from ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago,’ Lily Still Has More to Say About Charmaine

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Charmaine and Jessica had a lot of tension.

Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Charmaine thought things would work out when she began to run a tattoo shop with Jessica. Jessica is from London, but she moved to Chicago to help Charmaine build up 2nd City Ink. While things started off great between them, it all went left after Miss Kitty began working at the shop. The issue was Kitty said she would be managing the day-to-day activities of the business. And Jessica didn’t like the fact that Charmaine brought Kitty onboard without discussing things with her first.

As the tension continued to worsen, Jessica decided that she had no choice but to confront Charmaine. For Charmaine, she took issue with the fact that Jessica was trying to dictate who she hired. Since both women couldn’t agree on how they could salvage their business relationship and move forward, Jessica decided to go back to London. However, she would eventually change her mind. But the pandemic caused everyone to shut down their businesses.

Although it seemed as if Jessica and Charmaine had gotten past their issues, apparently, they aren’t in a good place as of now. This came up during the recent “Black Ink Crew Chicago” special.

After a clip of their argument at the special was posted on social media, former cast member Lily had something to say. And Charmaine was surprised to see Jessica was in support of this.

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