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GUHH Recap: Sam Brags About OnlyFans Income + Sam Clashes with JoJo

GUHH Season 6 Episode 1

Photo Credit: WE tv

Egypt’s directing Sam’s OnlyFans shoot.

This season of GUHH begins in Las Vegas. Pepa’s daughter Egypt is trying her hand at directing. This time, she’s directing her fiancé Sam and his video for OnlyFans. As Egypt sprays Sam with whipped cream, Boogie walks in and sees Sam wearing nothing but a thong while cooking bacon. This totally shocks and Boogie.

During their conversation, Sam reveals their OnlyFans experience is bringing in $3500 a month. They started the account because of Covid with a goal of 10,000 subscribers. Egypt says Pepa supports this and Egypt wants to celebrate. Speaking of Pepa, she walks in seeing what was going on. While she’s supportive of Egypt and Sam’s venture, she doesn’t want them filming in her kitchen.

Stevie J. wants Savannah to get a job.

Next, Stevie J. and his kids Stevie Jr. and Savannah move to LA. Although all of them moved out West, Stevie hasn’t heard from his daughter in a while. He ended up kicking her out after an argument over a dirty microwave. Meanwhile, Stevie got Stevie Jr. a condo as a graduation gift. While they’re all talking, Stevie slyly says Savannah needs to get a job.

Savannah says she’s getting money from her clothing line and other hustles. However, Stevie doesn’t change his stance. In fact, Stevie says he’ll get her a spot if she gets a job and goes to school.

JoJo and Tanice speak about their loss.

Meanwhile, JoJo and Tanice are in their home cooking when Vanessa stops by. It’s been a while since the Simmons family got together due to the pandemic. Angela’s not there and her relationship with boxer Daniel Jacobs comes up. Vanessa mentions she hasn’t met Daniel yet. When JoJo goes off to look after the dinner, Tanice tells Vanessa about her miscarriage. Vanessa reveals she went through this as well.

In their interview, JoJo and Tanice cry as she tells what happened. It was difficult for their family. As a result of what happened, JoJo now doesn’t know if he wants to try again. However, Tanice’s 50/50 about it.

Eric invites everyone to Las Vegas.

Later on, Eric shows off his cannabis business with an event. The venture was wildly successful for Eric. He invited the cast to an event at the shop and JoJo shows up with Twist. Savannah shows up too and gets introduced to the guys. As they talk business, Eric lets them know of a party in Las Vegas. It’s Pepa’s party but Sam’s involved. So Eric’s going to rent a house and invites JoJo and Twist. Twist, who doesn’t get along with Sam, shows them Sam’s Instagram page which promotes his OnlyFans account. Jojo tells them Sam has been talking mess about him on Instagram.

Eventually, Eric gets his wife and much of the cast on a chartered flight from LA to Las Vegas. When they arrive, he has them all shuttled to the house. Eric hopes everything goes well in Vegas in spite of potential drama looming between JoJo and Sam.

JoJo and Sam clash.

Meanwhile, Tee Tee’s back in LA with her mom who’s in town from Jamaica. She takes them and her half-sister Amanda shopping for her wedding dress. While shopping for the dress, Tee Tee lets them know she’s planning a destination wedding in Jamaica. As Tee Tee runs down the guest list, Amanda asks if Egypt’s coming. Meanwhile, Egpyt’s setting up for her mom’s party at the house in Vegas. The cast eventually shows up and Sam’s tension with JoJo immediately pops up. He’s looking for respect from JoJo now that he’s “part of” the family. As Savannah gets introduced to Sam, Sam throws shade at JoJo and brings up his OnlyFans page.

As Sam brags about his $3,500 a month income everyone eye rolls this. The eye rolls go even harder when Egypt reveals it was her idea for the page. In her interview, Egypt says Sam’s doing it so she doesn’t have to. Next, Eric and JoJo pull Sam aside to talk about the shade Sam threw on Instagram. Egypt looks on and gets nervous.

Tee Tee reveals who’s on her guest list.

Back at the dress fitting, Tee Tee reveals Egypt and Sam weren’t invited to the wedding. In fact, Tee Tee hasn’t even thought about Egypt and Sam and their engagement as she hasn’t talked to them in over six months. Tee Tee’s mom is furious Egypt and Sam aren’t invited. But, this doesn’t move Tee Tee to change her plans and Amanda defends her sister.

During the party in Las Vegas, JoJo and Sam have their discussion about Sam’s threats towards JoJo. Sam explains how he was furious JoJo said he’s riding with Twist instead of him. Egypt and Tanice walk over as things begin to escalate. Eric, Boogie, and security get between them as they exchange insults. As they’re separated, JoJo decides to leave as Egypt begs them to stay as she believes this could cause a rift between the Simmons family and Pepa.

Speaking of Pepa, the episode ends with Pepa in her interview saying if someone comes for Egypt or Sam, they have to deal with her.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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