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GUHH Recap: Tee Tee’s Aunt Comes for Her Fiancé + Stevie J Questions Savannah

GUHH Season 6 Episode 3

Photo Credit: WE tv

JoJo visits Angela in Miami at her new condo.

JoJo rags on Angela for moving down there while telling her it wasn’t a good move. He learns from Angela that she moved to Miami because Daniel is there. Tanice and JoJo are celebrating their 1 year anniversary soon and JoJo wants to throw a party in Miami. So he’s going to talk to Uncle Luke’s daughter Cree about planning the event.

Meanwhile, back in Las Vegas, Egypt’s in the studio recording a song, and Sam’s present seemingly cheering her on. Savannah stops by for a quick chat and Egypt’s happy to see her. They tell Savannah about what they’re doing in the studio and Sam texts Boogie, telling him to pull up.

Savannah learns about Egypt’s Trepa rap moniker and hears a song Egypt recorded with her father Treach.

Eventually, Boogie stops in and lays it on thick. In fact, he asks Savannah out on a date.

Tyran plans to bring Pepa and Tee Tee together.

In New York, Tyran stops by Tee Tee’s place for a chat with her and Shawn. They meet on a rooftop to social distance. Tyran tells them his martial arts school is open and he is hosting an opening event. He’s going to use the event to reunite his family together. This may not go well as Tee Tee still isn’t talking to Pepa, Egypt, or Sam, and she wasn’t invited to Pepa’s birthday party. Interestingly enough, Tee Tee says that even if she was invited, she wasn’t going.

Meanwhile, Briana and Lil Twist link up for a picnic in a park. As they eat kool-aid pickles, Briana vents about her relationship with Boogie. Apparently, Briana saw a scene last season where Boogie was sitting with Egypt and Sam and they were talking ill of Briana. Twist then tells Briana about Sam’s OnlyFans page.

Briana is liable to go off on Boogie the next time they cross paths.

Stevie J’s concerned about Savannah’s income.

Meanwhile, Stevie J is also in the park, playing basketball with his son. Savannah comes up and they both wonder where she’s getting money for all of the designer clothes she’s showing off on social media. Unfortunately, they feel Savannah’s doing something illegal.

Back in Miami, Angela’s at her condo when Daniel calls. Daniel learns one of the other fighters contracted Covid. As a result, he has to isolate himself and can’t have her ringside at the event. It’s a disappointment but Angela understands. Angela’s right hand Katrina stops in and Angela tells her of the news she received.

Later on, Stevie J and Stevie Jr. stop by Savannah’s apartment. They wanted to check out her new spot which is in an expensive part of LA. Of course, Stevie J asks how she makes money and Savannah says she manifests it. After pressing her about it, she eventually kicks them out.

Tyran’s plan doesn’t go well.

Pepa is at home in New York and visiting her sister Dawn. As they talk, Dawn tells Pepa Tee Tee has her own dirt.

Meanwhile, Tee Tee stops by Tyran’s new studio and school. Pepa’s also stopping by and he’s nervous about it. When Pepa walks in, Tee tee immediately gets standoffish. She’s not pleased with Tyran for setting this up. Things get even tenser when Tee Tee refers to Pepa as “the woman her son yet to meet.”

Tyran brings up how he’s going to bring everyone together to squash everything, including Egypt and Sam. However, It doesn’t seem Tee Tee is ready to do this.

Back in Miami, Angela and JoJo meet up with Uncle Luke’s daughter Cree. They meet up with Cree to discuss planning the party for Jojo’s anniversary. He wants it to make it a surprise. He asks if Cree’s dad could perform but she tells them she doesn’t have the best relationship with Uncle Luke. Before she can ask him to perform, she’s gotta seek to mend her relationship with Uncle Luke.

Egypt’s Aunt Dawn make accusations about Shawn.

Lastly, back in Las Vegas, Pepa brings Egypt a surprise; her aunt Dawn. Egypt’s really happy to see her.

As Egypt tells Dawn about Sam and her engagement, Dawn gives Egypt her blessing. It came out Egypt’s also getting married in Jamaica. Pepa tells them about Tee Tee’s also planning a wedding in Jamaica and this frustrates Egypt. Next, Pepa says Tee Tee said she’s the lady Tee Tee’s son never met.

This leads Dawn to tell Egypt that Shawn’s cheating on Tee Tee. Egypt refers to this as karma.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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