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GUHH Recap: Cree Clashes with Lil Twist & Briana Confronts Boogie

GUHH Season 6 Episode 4

Photo Credit: WE tv

Cree impresses JoJo.

Uncle Luke’s daughter Cree flew into LA from Miami to help JoJo out with his anniversary party. She meets JoJo and Angela at an indoor and outdoor venue and presents the theme for the event.

While looking at the venue, JoJo pitches a Miami showcase featuring his Run’s House artist and Cree’s Slip-N-Slide artists. He also wants Egypt to perform as well, despite the tension with Sam.

Later on, Angela and Cree get to know one another, talking about their relationships. Angela says she would take the “next step” with her boyfriend if it happens.

Briana and Savannah meet.

The next day, Savannah’s in her apartment when Lil Twist stops by. He lets Savannah know Briana is coming by next. Before she shows up, Savannah tells Twist about the double date coming up with her, Boogie, Egypt, and Sam.

Eventually, Briana shows up with a bottle of wine as a gift. Of course, Boogie comes up and Briana warns Savannah about him. She also lets it be known that it will be a confrontation the next time she sees Boogie.

In Vegas, Pepa and Egypt are at home. Egypt walks into Pepa’s bedroom to tells Pepa about the double date she’s going on. They then talk about the tea Pepa’s sister Dawn spilled. Pepa revealed Tee Tee actually talked to her about Shawn cheating on her while in Jamaica.

Egypt then brings up how she’s frustrated with Tee Tee also picking Jamaica for her destination wedding. She also says this rumor could derail Shawn and Tee Tee’s wedding plan but it’s karma for how she treated her and Sam.

Vanessa confronts her sister Angela.

Later on, Vanessa hosts Angela, Briana, Cree, and Tanice as a focus group for her new clothing line. While they’re hanging out, Vanessa pulls Angela aside. She does this when Angela is seemly standoffish about Daniel. Vanessa tells her she’s disappointed she hasn’t met Daniel yet. Angela says that she’s going to see how Miami treats her before making it permanent.

That evening, Stevie Jr. calls Savannah and tells her to look Boogie up before the date. She finds a story about Boogie being arrested for domestic assault. Stevie Jr. doesn’t like this one bit. But Savannah will go on the date and confront him about it. She doesn’t suspect he would be anything like what he just read about. And when Boogie shows up, he presents her with flowers and is a complete gentleman.

While on the way to their date, Savannah asks about the incident. He explains he invited a group of girls over after a night of partying. Another girl came over, kicked other girls out, and allegedly ended up sleeping with Boogie consensually. He also says he wasn’t sent to jail for the incident.

They eventually make it to the site of the double date, which is a cooking demonstration with Egypt and Sam. The date goes well and Boogie even kisses Savannah. Egypt, of course, brings up her drama with Tee Tee surrounding the wedding location. Sam says Tee Tee always tries to one-up Egypt.

Cree and Lil Twist Clash.

Eventually, it’s time for JoJo and Tanice’s party. As Cree introduces the cast, Boogie and Savannah walk in with one another while Twist escorts Briana. Briana hugs Boogie although she’s not feeling him.

Angela shows up by herself and Vanessa questions her about Daniel. Things get tense when Cree and Twist have a weird confrontation as Twist says she looks just like her daddy, Uncle Luke. This occurs as Cree asks Twist to wear a masquerade mask. This makes everyone uncomfortable as JoJo and Tanice arrive.

Luckily, things calm down when the couple of honor arrives. JoJo thanks everyone for showing up and Tanice feels special.

Briana confronts Boogie.

Later on, Savannah overhears Tee Tee telling JoJo about the destination wedding. Savannah and Tee Tee then overhear Cree and JoJo about a showcase and Jojo asks Tee Tee about Egypt performing. Tee Tee walks away as she still wants nothing to do with Egypt.

After this, Boogie and Savannah join Briana at the table, which gets intense when Briana learns about their double date with Sam and Egypt. Briana questions Boogie’s loyalty and Savannah’s ears perk up. When she walks away, Briana then confronts Boogie about the conversations he’s been having with Egypt and Sam about her. His obliviousness to it all frustrates her even more. Briana wanted Boogie to defend her honor as Boogie notices she’s been drinking.

The episode ends with Boogie and Briana arguing and Boogie feels it’s time for an intervention for her drinking.

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