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‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Star Sam is Confronted by Tee Tee’s Fiancé Shawn

Photo Credit: WE tv/YouTube

Tee Tee and Shawn confront Sam and Egypt.

Things have gotten really bad between Tee Tee and Egypt. In fact, Tee Tee even revealed she hasn’t spoken to Egypt in almost a year on the recent episode. For her, the last straw was that their aunt Dawn told Egypt that Tee Tee’s fiance Shawn cheated on her. Pepa said the same. And this rumor made its way back to the rest of the cast. So Tee Tee hasn’t been interested in speaking to Pepa or Egypt.

Treach isn’t feeling the division in the family. So he asked Tee Tee to hash things out with her cousin and aunt. She wasn’t sure about this but her mother Maureen agreed to have the sitdown. And the sit-down takes place on the season finale. Interestingly enough, Shawn also has one with Sam as Treach and Tyran are there to mediate the conversation.

Shawn tells Sam, “I’m not here for the TV tough guy puffed up sh*t.” Shawn’s whole issue with Sam is he feels Sam has been disrespectful towards Tee Tee. And he wants Sam to cut it out and let Egypt and Tee Tee figure out things without his interference.

In the same preview, Tee Tee challenges Pepa when she is accused of not being honest, “What lie have I said? Say a lie.”

Pepa then responds with, “You ready to go there?” Tee Tee answers with, “Go head.” And Pepa once again wants to make sure her niece wants to do this, “You ready?”

Check out the preview for the season finale below.

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