Candiace Dillard Responds to RHOP Fans Accusing Her of Being Jealous of Ashley Darby

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Candiace Dillard doesn’t think Ashley Darby is loyal to anyone.

Anytime it seemed as if Ashley Darby and Candiace Dillard could finally be making progress, the foes end up in yet another blowup when they get around the rest of the group. Candiace has already had some stern words for Ashley after Ashley told Wendy Osefo what Gizelle Bryant told her. The “Real Housewives of Potomac” star wondered if Wendy had changed so much because of the cheating rumors about Eddie Osefo.

Well, Wendy didn’t appreciate this. And she saw it all as an attack on her marriage.

On the upcoming episode, Candiace will once again go in on Ashley for bringing the drama to Wendy. And Porsha Williams warned Candiace that making comments about Ashley’s body right after she gave birth may offend some of the RHOP viewers. Regardless, Candiace isn’t backing down. And her dislike of Ashley remains strong.

During a recent interview with the Jasmine Brand, Candiace opened up about why she doesn’t care for Ashley. One of her biggest issues is Ashley doesn’t seem to be loyal to anyone. “I don’t think Ashley is loyal to anyone. And I just don’t like her. I just don’t like her.” She continued, “I think that she is a very calculated person. I think she’s for the show. And she will do and say anything no matter who it is, who it hurts for the show. And for me, that is just dangerous because there are lines and she’s willing to cross all of them.”

The character statement is something that still upsets Candiace Dillard.

Candiace also doesn’t like Michael Darby. “I can’t get around who she’s married to. He’s a creep and he creeps me out. And she makes apologies for him over and over again.” Regardless, Candiace thinks they could be in a decent place if Ashley wasn’t with Michael anymore, “I think that we could maybe get to a decent place if he wasn’t in the picture.”

Another major issue for Candiace is that Ashley wrote a character statement for Monique. She talked about it with Gizelle and Robyn Dixon while they were in Portugal.

Regarding the character statement, Candiace said, “There are lines that you just don’t cross. This is a person who admittedly went to the law to give a statement to the law solely to get back at me. She involved herself in a legal matter that had nothing to do with her that she was not even present. And she told Gizelle and Robyn in a scene, you can go back and watch it in Portugal that she did it to get even with me. And when Gizelle told her that this is going to ruin any chance you have at a friendship with Candiace, she said, ‘Oh well. I don’t care.'”

She questioned, “Why would I want to even try to have a friendship with someone like that?”

Candiace also responded to people accusing her of being jealous of Ashley. “Everybody in the comments is saying that I’m hating on her, I’m jealous of her…ask yourselves why would you ever want to have even an acquaintanceship with a woman who would involve herself in a legal matter just to get back at me for doing what everyone on this show has done when your husband was being a nasty man?”

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