LHHATL Recap: Yandy Claps Back at Critics of Her Marriage + Judy Confronts Momma Dee

lhhatl season 10 episode 10
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Yandy has something to say to critics of her marriage.

The kids arrive in Dubai for Yandy and Mendeecees’ vow renewal ceremony. Yandy is happy to have Infinity there as well after their mishap. They talked things out and agreed that family will go through things sometimes. So they are choosing to move forward.

Yandy talks to Karlie about Judy saying her marriage is fake. It bothers her because she did what she thought was best for her financially. In a green screen interview, she says people need to worry about their own paperwork and get their household straight because they’re good. And there is nothing fake about their marriage even though it’s not legal.

Mendeecees is running out of patience for Judy.

Judy makes it to Dubai. Mendeecees confronts her for calling their first wedding fake. He calls her out for fake crying but Judy doesn’t see the issue because she says Yandy fakes her tears all the time. So she wanted to beat her to it. Mendeecees gets irritated and ends the conversation. At this point, Yandy tells Mendeecees she doesn’t think Judy should be at the vow renewal. She tells him he has to be the one to break the news to her.

After clashing with Mendeecees, Judy confronts Momma Dee. They argue. Judy says Momma Dee was wrong to come to Dubai and tell Yandy and Mendeecees what she said. Momma Dee doesn’t the issue because she told the truth. So Judy tells her that she’s no longer invited to the vow renewal. In a green screen interview, Momma Dee says she will still attend.

Bambi talks to her mother Cee Cee about Scrappy. Things have gotten so bad that she will consider moving forward with a divorce after she gives birth. She gets a call from Erica. And Erica reveals she may be going into premature labor. And she hasn’t spoken to Safaree since filing for divorce.

Mendeecees has a change of heart.

Momma Dee tells Yandy and Mendeecees that her conversation with Judy didn’t go well. However, she and Jonathan still urge Mendeecees to not hold a grudge. And they believe he should invite Judy to the vow renewal ceremony anyway.

While discussing Safaree, Erica breaks down in tears in her green screen interview. She didn’t want to get a divorce. Erica wanted to make things work. And she had no idea that she would go through this pregnancy alone.

After hearing what Jonathan and Momma Dee had to say, Mendeecees decides to send Judy the address of the vow renewal ceremony.

The ceremony goes as planned. And there is no drama. It’s beautiful and Judy says she learned a valuable lesson. She will not discuss family business with outsiders ever again.

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