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‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Charmaine Fires Miss Kitty from 2nd City Ink

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Phor defends his decision.

Ryan catches up with Don, Phor, and his 9 Mag family. The tattoo convention is coming up. And it will be Charmaine’s first one with 2nd City Ink. So Ryan has asked the convention organizer to place her booth next to his for support.

Phor confirms that he moved out. But Ryan and the others aren’t sure it was good timing considering Nina is pregnant. However, Phor feels he did what he needed to do.

Draya and Miss Kitty vent.

Back at 2nd City Ink, Draya and Miss Kitty are still not feeling how Charmaine is running things. The convention is coming up and they don’t feel they have strong enough artists to represent the brand.

Draya says she refuses to pay the $1500 booth rent for the shop, especially if everyone has to pay their own way for the convention. Charmaine hasn’t even made sure the artists have supplies. And she’s the one who had to help Charmaine fill out the paperwork for the tattoo convention.

Miss Kitty and Draya leave 2nd City Ink.

Charmaine calls a staff meeting. And she confronts Draya about the things she’s been saying about Charmaine and the shop. Draya tells her that she’s not handling business. Plus, 2nd City Ink is not worth $1500 a month.

But Charmaine feels Draya is being very dramatic. And she just wants to have an issue.

Prince becomes irritated and says that all the arguing is why people don’t believe women can run tattoo shops. So they need to stop fighting and come together. But it’s Charmaine’s shop, and she can do what she wants.

With Draya feeling the way she does, Charmaine tells Draya she doesn’t have to stay. So Draya leaves and refuses to take her things with her. And Charmaine tells her that she’ll put her things out the shop anyway.

Kitty says Charmaine is out of line. They start arguing. In a green screen interview, Charmaine says that she used to talk to Kitty every day. But Kitty switched up when she found out she was only the Brand Manager.

Things get heated and Charmaine asks if Kitty is about to assault her considering everything that’s going on. Kitty says she isn’t about to hit Charmaine but she wasn’t going to let her try her in front of the staff. Feeling like the friendship is done, Charmaine tells Kitty to leave her shop. She no longer works at 2nd City Ink.

Ryan is frustrated with Anthony.

While Don and Ryan are hanging out, Ryan says that Anthony brought his son to Ryan’s son’s birthday party. Since everything happened, Anthony decided he didn’t want Ryan to be his child’s godfather anymore. So when Ryan was spotted at the party, Anthony and his son left early. Ryan feels like Anthony just wants to continue to punish him and he’s over it.

Phor becomes a father, Charmaine prepares to say goodbye to hers.

Charmaine and Neek pick her dad up from the hospital. He’s ready to go back home to Louisiana and his sister will be there to help him in his last days. He prefers to live on his own terms and if it’s time for him to die, it will be at a place of comfort. This is really hard for Charmaine because she isn’t ready to lose her father.

Nina gives birth to a baby boy and Phor was there in the hospital room like she asked. They named the child Forever.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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