Porsha Williams’ Family Members Are Critical of Her Engagement to Simon Guobadia

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Porsha Williams’ family members have been critical of her engagement.

“Porsha’s Family Matters” is set to premiere in November, and people already have a lot to say about the trailer on social media. This is due to the fact that Porsha Williams is addressing the criticism of her engagement. One common complaint her family members have is they think Porsha and Simon Guobadia are moving too fast. And others take issue with the fact that Simon has been married a few times before.

In fact, Porsha tells her family, “I’m his fourth wife.”

Another family member decides to ask Porsha why Simon has had so many wives, “I wanna know why Simon’s three previous marriages did not work.” Then there’s a family member who questions why they had to learn about Simon from television.

Dennis McKinley’s mother had a question of her own. “How you engaged to a married man?”

And Porsha’s sister Lauren Williams isn’t feeling Porsha’s actions. “This girl got engaged in two weeks.”

In a green screen interview, Porsha says that people just don’t have the whole story. “The optics don’t look great because people don’t have all the facts.”

Another issue is some people aren’t convinced that things are done for good between Porsha and Dennis. And to no surprise, Dennis and Simon end up having tension.

And by the end of the trailer, it appears as if an altercation may have taken place.

“Porsha’s Family Matters” premieres on Bravo on November 28 9/8c.

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