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RHOP Producers Show Ashley Darby & Gizelle Bryant’s Hypocrisy While Defending Michael Darby

Photo Credit: Bravo

Ashley Darby struggles to defend Michael Darby at the reunion.

One of the most controversial husbands of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” is easily Michael Darby. He’s been put on blast for cheating on Ashley Darby. However, he’s also been put on blast for groping as well. Seasons ago, he groped Katie Rost’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Martin while they were filming the show. Michael was also accused of groping a cameraman. However, the charges were eventually dropped.

All of this will come up again on part 3 of the season 6 reunion thanks to Ashley and Gizelle Bryant.

A viewer writes in to ask Ashley why she was so offended by Gordon Thornton’s behavior when Michael has done much worse. In response to this, Ashley says, “I’m sorry, let’s rewind. My husband has never been overtly s*xual with anyone.”

Andy Cohen interjects and brings up the situation with Juan Dixon. “I mean he said he would suck Juan’s d*ck. So that’s something s*xual.”

Ashley laughs and defends Michael. “But did Juan have a problem with that? It was a joke.” She adds, “Michael doesn’t even remember saying it so that’s a whole other can of worms.”

This is when Robyn Dixon interjects. She tells Ashley that Michael did say this. “He did but…yeah…”

Producers counteract Gizelle Bryant’s points.

Ashley then goes back to trying to explain why Gordon’s behavior towards Karen Huger and the other ladies was worse. “What I’m saying is what happened with Karen…Karen perceived G differently than she perceived Michael when he first came around. I feel…Michael had to crawl so G could walk kind of thing.”

Karen attempts to defend Gordon. “He spent time with me though. G made the effort while I was getting to know Mia [Thornton] to be welcoming to me. I knew he was harmless.”

Gizelle then steps in to defend Michael. “I think that’s the whole point. Michael has never licked his tongue at anybody. He’s never been like, ‘Alright, y’all, it’s time to p*ssy pop.’ He’s never done any of that.” Producers then flash back to Gizelle complaining about Michael grabbing Katie Rost’s ex-boyfriend’s butt during a party. They also flash back to a scene of Gizelle asking Ashley if she was okay with Michael’s “butt squeezing.”

Regardless, Gizelle believes Gordon was much worse. “And we didn’t know G. All of that behavior was displayed and it was kind of like whoa.”

Mia is left to question why the ladies didn’t address the issue when it occurred. “If you guys had a problem with it, why not address it right then and there?”

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