Charmaine Bey’s Role on ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Will Be Reduced Next Season

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Neek Bey says Charmaine Bey will film fewer scenes moving forward.

Charmaine Bey is no stranger to controversial moments on “Black Ink Crew Chicago.” However, she’s not happy to deal with the adversity while being pregnant and mourning her father’s death. She’s on bad terms with Miss Kitty after they disagreed on how to run 2nd City Ink. And she’s lost multiple tattoo artists, including Draya Penzo and Prince. So she’s been receiving a lot of backlash from fans on social media. Her husband Neek Bey has been getting called out as well.

At this point, Charmaine is ready to make some changes. And she plans to take a step back from the show. According to Neek, she won’t be filming that many scenes next season. She’ll also be showing a lot less of her family life, too. He shared this while responding to an Instagram user who said things can’t be blamed on editing.

In response, Neek wrote, “No you missed the point. They’re showing her reactions but not showing why. That’s why ppl like you are seeing one side. The only way to respond is to not participate with the show as much which is what Char will be doing moving forward. Me and my kids will never appear on that show ever again. They could offer the world and we would not take it ??‍♂️  #MOVINGON.”

Neek Bey has something to say about the show’s editing.

He had some things to say about Draya and Kitty to another Instagram user.

“Kitty is/was never a real friend ?  only thing she cares about is black ink. When we film, she flys into Chicago and lives in an apartment VH1 pays for. When the show’s over, she flys out. She never worked at the shop literally ever. Like not one day this entire time she’s ever worked in that shop ?  ?  ?. ”

Neek added, “Same for Draya. She’s not a real artist in the shop, she only comes when it’s time to film and fly out when it’s not. Lives in an apartment paid by production. Char deserves an apology. Luckily, we don’t need it. We’ve moved on and we’re doing 100x better with or without them or VH1.”

He also said that in real life, Charmaine’s shop is “booming.” She has 10 artists who weren’t hired by producers and actually work at the shop. Plus, their BeyMoss business brought in $2 million in sales. And when it comes to Prince, he told a critic that Prince allegedly trashed 2nd City Ink on the day Charmaine buried her father.

“Prince got fired cause he refused to pay rent. VH1 didn’t show that. And he also got fired for bringing Draya into her shop and trashed the shop – on the day she was burying her father. They didn’t show that either. You don’t really know what’s really going on behind the scenes. How you feel is not valid. ??‍♂️ ”

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