Briana Latrise Thinks Angela Simmons Makes Too Much Money from GUHH?

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Did Briana Latrise come for Angela Simmons on Instagram Live?

Briana Latrise isn’t afraid to speak her mind on “Growing Up Hip Hop.” Sometimes, this had resulted in her clashing with other cast members. She fell out with Egypt Criss after she became critical of Sam Wright. Unfortunately, their blowup became physical. And Egypt punched Briana while they were filming a scene. They have not filmed any scenes of the show together since the altercation. Briana recently told her supporters that she wanted to leave the show after the attack. However, her pay increased once her father Kendu Isaacs stepped in.

Briana also didn’t film with Angela Simmons for a period of time. During their first scene together, they had a tense conversation. Angela had just introduced herself to Briana. Briana told her they already met before. When Angela asked what age, Briana used the “b” word and told Angela she didn’t know her age.

Angela said she didn’t like Briana’s tone. So she stormed off and told the producers she wouldn’t film with Briana ever again. Interestingly enough, they were eventually able to hash it out. They are cordial and even film scenes together now.

However, Briana may have thrown some shade Angela’s way on Instagram Live recently. She told her followers that she was not feeling it when Cree Campbell said she felt her issues with Sakoya Wynter were rooted in colorism.

Another one of Briana’s followers brought up the fact Cree seems to hang around the Simmons sisters a lot. And Briana had some questions.

“Does she hang around Miss Simmons or is that just television? I’m curious. Inquiring minds want to know. What’s fake and what’s real though?” She continued, “Cause rumor has it a certain somebody has to be in a few episodes and needs to appear with cast members so in order to earn the obnoxious amount of money they pay her to do absolutely nothing.”

Briana also responded to the people who have accused her of living off Mary J. Blige’s name, “Y’all be talking bout, ‘You living off Mary’s name,’ I’m living off my own motherf*cking personality, my banter…meanwhile, there’s motherf*ckers really living off of their parents.”

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