LaTisha Scott is Ready to Cut Off Her Cousin After She Discusses Her Marriage to Melody Holt

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Melody Holt is done with Destiny Payton-Williams and LaTisha Scott.

LaTisha Scott and Melody Holt had a nasty fallout on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” LaTisha has accused Melody of trying to ruin her marriage. After Martell Holt accused Marsau Scott of cheating, LaTisha went to Melody to discuss the rumors. Melody would only tell LaTisha that she needed to do her own research. And she should see what Marsau was up to when he wasn’t with her at night. Melody would also make some accusations about Marsau on Twitter. She said that she knows a woman Marsau allegedly cheated with.

LaTisha has also made her own accusations. She accused Martell of buying his longtime mistress Arionne Curry a car.

While there were attempts to be cordial, Melody and LaTisha aren’t in a good space now. At last season’s reunion, LaTisha said that Melody doesn’t know how to be a friend.

After Melody overheard LaTisha and Destiny Payton-Williams talking about her in Los Angeles, she decided to be done with both.

After Kimmi Scott gives LaTisha Scott an update, she’s ready to cut off her cousin.

She chose not to invite them to her slumber party. However, LaTisha’s cousin KeKe was there. Melody brought up her fallout with LaTisha. And she said she took issue with LaTisha accusing her of trying to ruin her marriage. So she asked KeKe if there were rumors about Marsau before she spoke on it. KeKe said yes. And she also said that LaTisha had a moment when she also had questions about her marriage. However, she and Marsau were able to work things out.

Well, Kimmi Scott was there to witness the conversation. On the upcoming episode, she tells LaTisha what happened. In a preview, Kimmi says, “Melody’s little Christmas pajama party. You weren’t there nor was Destiny there. And I was very surprised that KeKe was there.” She added, “It was a lot of Tisha conversations.”

LaTisha ends up confronting KeKe, “I’m not gonna put your business out there. If you wanna put it out there, you put it out there. And I’ll tell you exactly how it was said.”

KeKe responds with, “But you did put my business out there to them. That’s the thing you did put my business out there to them.”

At this point, LaTisha is ready to end her relationship with KeKe, “Okay. So how about this, how bout we just cut ties?”

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  1. Aww she doesn’t have to cut her off. They just have to have a real conversation off camera. Don’t let the petty stuff break up the family. This show won’t be around forever.

  2. So what did Tisha spread about Keke’s business? I don’t get that part, and Keke really
    didn’t say anything bad, she just said the truth it wasn’t the first time she heard something about her husband.

  3. Nah your cousin shouldn’t be gossiping with someone who called you an enemy. Real talk LaTisha and Melody are so pressed by one another it’s crazy. I wish they would let it go.

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