Candiace Dillard Says Monique Samuels Was Terminated from RHOP + Calls out Gizelle Bryant

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Monique Samuels was terminated?

Candiace Dillard caught up with her fans on Instagram Live. The “Real Housewives of Potomac” star couldn’t say too much about the upcoming season. However, she did make it clear that she’s feeling like she can’t trust anyone on the cast these days.

After a fan asked her for tea on the new season, she said she didn’t like that things have already been leaked. And she said Monique Samuels did this and she thought the leaks would end with her departure. Interestingly enough, Candiace said Monique was “terminated.”

“There’s a leak in our midst giving all of the tea away. You guys have heard some alleged drama that I will not confirm or deny as the truth. But yeah…it’s really annoying that somebody is trying to leak information from our show cause we…”

She added, “One thing about Potomac that was always a good thing was we never had leaks. And then a certain person joined the cast and then suddenly certain things would be leaked in their favor which was how the physical altercation was leaked because someone who was trying to control the narrative leaked the information and lied so they could get ahead of a story. They still ended up looking like a f*cking clown. That stopped when that person was terminated. So I was shocked this season when stuff just started leaking.”

Gizelle Bryant doesn’t share enough?

Someone asked if Gizelle Bryant will have a boyfriend on the upcoming season. Candiace answered, “Will Gizelle have a boyfriend this season? Well, she could have a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a goat. We wouldn’t know because she doesn’t share any of her personal life. She just skates by encroaching on other people’s business.” She continued, “Gizelle is definitely going to h*ll, for sure.”

Candiace doesn’t like it when people lie for a storyline, “It’s getting wack. Y’all don’t have sh*t going on so you’ve resorted to literally making things up. That’s not interesting TV to watch. If you can’t come with some real reality television, then you should be fired. Everyone’s always talking about so and so needs to be fired because they don’t bring anything, fire this, fire that one. No. If you can’t come to the table with real, honest, true reality, real stuff going on and you have to resort to lying and making things up, then literally you could be replaced.”

Candiace Dillard doesn’t feel she can trust any of her RHOP costars.

She also feels some in the RHOP fan base are committed to hating her, “I think what’s more challenging is the commitment to misunderstanding me. So if the edit makes one small shift or one small edit, it’s blown out of proportion because people hate me. And they are committed to that. That is where they are and there’s no coming off of that.”

These days Candiace isn’t sure anyone on the cast can be loyal, “Almost everybody is a double agent. None of these b*tches are real. They’re all fake…no one’s loyal. Everyone’s literally out for themselves. And trying to panhandle their little businesses across town, across these United States that no one gives a f*ck about.” She added, “F*ck these h*es…from the bottom of my heart.”

But she refuses to be pushed off the show, “Yeah, they’re always trying to get me out. But the harder you push me, the longer I’ll be here.”

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  1. Gizelle never shows her personal life.

    Gizelle lied about being in a relationship with Jamal. All Gizelle does is insert herself into other people’s storylines. The producers are letting her get away with it

  2. This woman receives unnecessary hate. I’m glad she’s not going to let them run her off the show. Gizelle never liked her or Monique. So pushing them out was always end game for her. Karen tried to warn them not to fall for it and stick together. They didn’t listen.

  3. Candice doesn’t need someone else to do things for fans not to like her,she does it all on her own.
    There are leaks every season, she can’t blame Monique for it. They all are the source of leaks.
    Karen warned them about Giselle, they ignored it.

  4. Candiace will be fine she’s a Contende, let the haters hate more honey, that puts more money in your pocket, and ac far as Karen, watch that snake, she’s evil, trying play both sides yet tried to get you fired, WATCH HER. She’s evil.

  5. Candice just can’t leave Monique left of her storyline. This is what 3 years now? Girl, give it a rest and Karen didn’t have to pick either of you. Karen was being both of your friend by allowing that issue to between you two.

  6. Candiace is lying, again. Just like that time she lied and said she didn’t throw that butter knife at Ashley. Monique wasn’t fired, she chose to leave. And Andy said he wants her back. Candiace needs to focus on herself. Monique has moved on to another network.

  7. I see that spoon is still stirring that pot. I guess more water is being added so it won’t dry up.
    Monique is living her best life with her family and they will be on a new show so RHOP can kick rocks.

  8. Candiace should just get that whoopin’ she got from Monique out of her mind and maybe we just might forget about it too ????. As far as Gizelle Bravo loves her !!!!

  9. Monique wasn’t terminated and she was there before Candiace so that statement doesn’t even make any sense. She can’t say “we had no leaks” and then someone joined the cast and the leaks started when Monique was there before her.

  10. Candiace is delusional. She needs a therapist and NOT her mother. This girl definitely needs some professional help. Oh yeah. She can’t sing either.

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