‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Miss Kitty Receives Backlash for Recent Message for Fans

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Miss Kitty was disappointed that drama followed her to Chicago.

Miss Kitty appreciates her die-hard fans from “Black Ink Crew.” After her controversial departure, she’s moved on to “Black Ink Crew Chicago.” She had some drama when she worked at 2nd City Ink. However, Charmaine has since decided to quit the show. And she said that being accused of colorism was the last straw. So she’s happy she ended that chapter of her life.

As for Kitty, the upcoming episodes will show Kitty’s journey into owning her own tattoo shop.

Interestingly enough, some fans may have gotten a little confused now that Kat has started making appearances on “Black Ink Crew Compton.” On the current season, Kat owns Enigma. It’s a tattoo shop located in Beverly Hills. Some fans were surprised to see Kat make her return to the series. And this is due to her messy exit from the Chicago show. At the time, Ryan fired Kat because their past hookup was causing drama at 9Mag. Plus, he was with Rachel at the time.

So Kat left and opened Enigma.

Miss Kitty’s recent message led to backlash.

It’s possible this has made some fans confuse Kitty with Kat and vice versa. So Kitty had a message about this recently on Instagram Story. She wrote, “For the final f*cking time…when y’all approach me, PLEASE do NOT call me Kat! That is NOT my name and you run the risk of getting cussed TF out. I do NOT like that and it upsets me that people will ask me for a pic and call me by the wrong name. The disrespect is real.”

Check out the screenshot here.

When the message was reposted by Blogger Reality Entertainment TV, some people called Kitty out in the comments. In response to this. Kitty wrote, “Lmao d*mn ALL of this vitriol because I want to be called by the right name?! This is crazy to me! People are acting like they would ok with this if it were them. FOH.”

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  1. Kitty/Kat needs to be happy people don’t call her a jump off. She’s screwed both the bosses of Black Ink. She is a Non M——g F—–g Factor. We never her off her before she came to Black Ink. She needs to understand She’s nothing special.

  2. She isn’t wrong for wanting people to call her by her name. Kat slept with Ryan and Phor around the same time, yet she isn’t met with the same scrutiny that Kitty is. No one knew who Kat was until Black Ink Crew Chicago/9mag. Not to mention she messed around with Lily too, but no one talks about that. Blew up the spot to Rachel and knew what the situation was. And this is coming from someone who likes both ladies.

  3. I don’t understand why people are mad at her for wanting to be called by her name. While I like Kat, everybody conveniently forgets that she slept with Phor and Ryan around the same time. She also messed around with Lily and Van, yet she isn’t scrutinized at the level that Kitty is. No one knew who Kat was either before she was on Black Ink Crew Chicago/9Mag, but because she now has a successful tattoo shop, that somehow makes her better than everyone else and erases her past promiscuity? Bringing up Kitty’s past sexual exploits doesn’t negate the fact that calling her by a different name on purpose is wrong.

    1. Actually Didi, Kat was a very well known tattoo artist in Chicago before the show. Nobody talks about her past on the show because her talent and growth outshines it. Kitty has been on the show for 6 years and has done nothing her entire time. She never worked for Ceaser or Charmaine in real life. She works for VH1. And her main storylines are tired. Constantly revolving around the shop owners that won’t wife her, her constantly “working so hard”before never getting any gratitude. It’s so tired. You would think she would quit by now from the way she talks about the production crew and show’s fake storylines in general. I’m guessing the only reason she hasn’t is because of contracts and the show is her main source of income.

  4. @ChitownGirl My point is: Maybe CHICAGOANS knew who she was, but it was BICC/9mag that put her on the map. Same with Kitty. Washingtonians knew who she was, but it was the show that introduced her to the masses. Kitty has “done nothing” in terms of what? Just because she hasn’t broadcasted what she’s done, or accomplished, doesn’t mean she hasn’t. I actually like Kat and I’m happy she’s doing well, but the way y’all act like she’s a saint and Kitty is the devil is funny to me. Again, I’ve heard ALL of the casts, including Kat talk about the production crew and the editing, so why is Kitty always singled out? She can’t decide what storylines are featured. Whatever. I notice that anything that Kitty does, she gets hated on for. I still love her though.

  5. Yeah maybe Kit and Donna can get a show together. Kit was in with Ceas b4 she crossed him, I believe he would’ve wifed her that’s why he was so p-ssed but you’ll never know now kit

  6. @C6 I don’t know her personally, but by what I’ve seen from the show, she doesn’t strike me as the type to even care about what Ceaser’s moves are.

  7. Posts like this just continue to show that people really have an issue with black women demanding to be respected. Nothing Kitty said warranted any backlash, but as usual, black women aren’t allowed to common courtesy like getting our names right. What’s even sicker is a lot of the people who are mad about this are other black women. Misogynoir is a trip.

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