‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Heavenly Kimes Wants Mariah Huq’s Fans to Move On?

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Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Mariah Huq’s feud was one for the books.

Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes had a very nasty feud with Mariah Huq. Things between them went left after Heavenly said that Dr. Aydin Huq’s “manhood” was small. Apparently, Heavenly came to this conclusion because of a previous conversation. However, Mariah said she never said this. So she clapped back by accusing Dr. Damon Kimes of being unfaithful. Of course, the accusations didn’t sit well with Heavenly. She accused Mariah of lying. But Mariah went on to say she has “receipts” to back up her claims. At the reunion, Mariah had an envelope she claimed would back up the accusations she made. However, she decided to just let it go out of respect for Damon.

To no surprise, Heavenly and Mariah were never able to get past their issues. So Heavenly wasn’t sad when Mariah was removed from the show.

Interestingly enough, Mariah’s departure was pretty controversial. Many of her supporters were furious that the creator of “Married to Medicine” was fired. So they called for a boycott of Bravo and created a petition demanding the network bring Mariah back.

Their efforts were not successful. And Mariah said she was in the process of suing Purveyors of Pop because she strongly believes she was treated unfairly by producers.

Well, it appears as if Heavenly wants Mariah’s supporters to move on and accept that she is gone.

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  1. I think they did Mariah so wrong and now that the ratings are bad, they are fist fighting next season to see if that will make people watch again.

  2. @heavenlykimes….Baebae…just stop it cause Chile we let you go long time ago. MARIAH will always be Queen Bee of M2M.

  3. Diamond the sad thing is the fight(s) probably will make more people watch next season. It’s an act of desperation that is most likely going to improve ratings.

  4. It’s crazy how many people are riding with Nene because Mariah was definitely treated much worse.

  5. The way they did Mariah was despicable. I haven’t watched an episode after she left and will not ever again. Mariah Huq was the star of M2M!!

  6. That’s the thing though, Mariah’s stans did let it go and they don’t watch anymore. Heavenly needs to hope the fight will help the ratings so the cast doesn’t get another pay cut.

  7. Heavenly needs to understand that Mariah’s supporters are never going to accept that she was kicked off her own show. If Heavenly wasn’t so blinded by her hate for Mariah, she’d realize how dirty it is that the creator on M2M was treated this way. We should never be okay with black women being kicked off platforms they created by production companies that don’t even have black people in high level positions.

  8. @Valerie, Heavenly will never understand because she hates the woman who gave her ignorant butte the platform to make the money she brags about. Heavenly hates Mariah more than anything else, maybe Mariah reminds her of the school girls who didn’t mess with her in school ????? Heavenly even took Mariah on that show Vivica Fox had “to tell the truth”, where Mariah was given a lie detector test. The test proved despite Heavenly’s claims- 1. Mariah was talking to bloggers. 2. Mariah didn’t bug Damien’s car. 3. Mariah was not paying people to say negative things about Heavenly. Heavenly of course said that she didn’t believe the results. Something is wrong with Heavenly.

  9. I will always love Queen B. Dr. Kimes did mention that Mariah reminded her of her sister whom she can’t stand that’s why she hates Mariah. There’s a lady called Karma Dr. Kimes

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