Monyetta Shaw Calls out Kenya Moore + Kenya Responds

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Monyetta Shaw had one issue with Kenya Moore.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore has had her share of feuds and drama on the show. Interestingly enough, her biggest feud was with Porsha Williams. They even had a physical altercation at the reunion years ago. At one point, they appeared to have moved past it. This is because they bonded over motherhood. However, the peace didn’t last. And Porsha made the decision to back off from the friendship. At the time, she claimed the issue was she didn’t like how Kenya took over Marlo Hampton’s wig launch event. Interestingly enough, Kenya pointed out that Porsha was laughing on the ground when it happened.

Porsha would later depart the show after season 13. There was a lot of controversy surrounding her engagement to Simon Guobadia. She would later address this and her issues with Dennis Mckinley on “Porsha’s Family Matters.”

Well, Kenya hasn’t been drama-free on the current season despite Porsha’s absence. In fact, she’s back on pretty bad terms with Marlo. And it’s been reported that things will get really explosive between them later on in the season.

Interestingly enough, Kenya was recently called out by RHOA friend to the show and newbie Monyetta Shaw recently. And Monyetta took issue with Kenya calling her Ne-Yo’s baby mama. Plus, Kenya had something to say in response.

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  1. Didn’t Neyo make her get her tubes tied just to dump her and marry someone else? I think that whole relationship is still a sore spot for her so the baby momma label just adds to it. It’s silly though.

  2. They didn’t get married so I doubt Kenya was trying to be shady. Monyetta has been known as Neyo’s baby mama for years. It’s how most people came to know her.

  3. Why do BW have an issue being called a ” Baby Mama”?

    She tied her tubes for Neyo who left her high and dry. Seems like she is directing her anger at the wrong person.

  4. A lot of these girls just want a problem with Kenya and find any little thing to be mad at. Monyetta has been known as Ne-Yo’s baby momma for years. This is a nonissue and I’m glad Kenya didn’t feed into an obvious attempt at TV beef.

  5. This honestly just reminds me that a lot of women will settle for things they aren’t really comfortable with because they want to hold on to a man. Clearly Monyetta never wanted to be a baby momma but Neyo wasn’t serious about marrying her. So she settled and then he moved on to someone else he actually did want to marry. This is why women should stop settling. If marriage is what you really want, don’t waste your time with men who don’t want to marry you.

  6. Umm if she’s this triggered by being called a baby momma, her skin isn’t thick enough for RHOA.

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