Kimmi Scott Responds After Accused of Instigating Beef Between LaTisha Scott & Miss Vanessa

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Martell Holt and Melody Holt’s truce happened as they continue to have tension with the Scotts.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” is in the middle of another dramatic season. Melody Holt and Martell Holt have been in the headlines due to the progression of their co-parenting relationship. In fact, they have even been filming together. And when they vacationed together recently, they nearly broke the internet. LAMH fans have been wondering if there’s more to the story. Some have even questioned if the divorced couple is now back together. However, Melody has denied being back together with Martell. She said she is still very much single. Plus, she’s happy with where she is currently in life. But one can assume that she’s also happy that the Holt kids get to see their parents getting along once again.

So while there probably won’t be any messy moments between Melody and Martell as the current season progresses, there’s more drama to come. Weeks ago, Miss Wanda made some very controversial comments on social media. She said that she doesn’t believe that Martell is the biological father of their youngest child. And she said that Melody needed to get a DNA test.

Well, these comments didn’t sit well with Martell or Melody. However, when Melody confronted Miss Wanda, things went left quickly. And she ended up trying to stop Martell from getting into an altercation. Fans have been suspecting that Martell and Marsau Scott may have come to blows while the cameras were rolling. Turns out, it’s looking like that may have been the case in the midseason trailer for Season 4.

Another notable moment in the preview was Melody’s mother Miss Vanessa and LaTisha Scott addressing their own situation. Miss Vanessa was accused of shading LaTisha and it was said that Kimmi Scott was the “bone carrier.”

Hours ago, some “Love & Marriage: Hunstville” fans called out Kimmi for this. And she had something to say in response, too.

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  1. This whole scene was for ratings….Mel was on live the whole time this was going on…I don’t believe NONE of this foolishness is real. Mel and Martel does this for ratings cause they’re Executive Producers on this show . They all are fake and phony. EVERY LAST ONE….

  2. Kimmi is someone I really liked on the show. But I feel like her new desire to show her loyalty to the Scotts has turned her into an instigator this season. And I hate that because she used to be the only person who remained fair and neutral on LAMH. I don’t want her to be messy. It doesn’t suit her and doesn’t feel natural for her.

  3. So Latisha can be shady by wearing the shirt but her and Marsau got mad because Van turned it into a positive by promoting the shirt on IG? Interesting.

  4. She may not have sent a screenshot but she told them about that post. All Kimmi does this season is bone carry and play innocent when called out. I’m very disappointed in her this season. Now she’s as messy as the others.

  5. Kimmi needs to worry about her toxic husband! S*X twice a day smh. I can tell Kimmi is not happy with his request

  6. Kimmie been messy she just been able to conceal her so long because she hide it
    behind her smile and her BS. Kimmie is afraid of losing her cheating arse husband
    just like Tisha, Marsau is outright with his cheating, Maurice conceals his more than
    his brother does. He’s still a cheater, I know Kiah is somewhere laughing here arse
    off at Kimmie. You wanted him so badly now you have him, he’s no potato to live with
    at all. Kimmie looks like she’s afraid to tell Maurice how she actually thinks or feel about anything. She’s afraid to rock the boat, he’s not afraid to dump everything on
    your lap to do. Kimmie don’t want to talk about her marriage at all, because it doesn’t
    add up on paper at all. They’re all living a lie and don’t want to be called out on it.

    1. I used to think Kimmie was the mature one on the show but she is trying to hard to ride for Latisha all of a sudden and she is no longer a neutral person. Kimmie is messy. Marsau is acting like a little girl getting these cat fights with these women and so is his punk a** brother Mark. They need to go somewhere and try to be men and stop acting like b*tchy felines.

  7. Latisha threw shade first so I don’t know she’s upset Van clocked it and made lemonade out of lemons. LaTisha’s family and Marsau/Maurice’s families are always coming for the Holts and they don’t even spare their children. Got the nerve to be mad about her promoting the t-shirt because Latisha didn’t realize her shady moment was a marketing opportunity for Mel. Girl bye.

  8. Kimmie has always been messy. She likes carrying the bone….I don’t know if this is fake or not but I am tired of Nartell being the only one exposed….How is everybody else so perfect.

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