LaTisha Scott Responds When Called out for Miss Wanda’s Comments Regarding Holt Kids

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LaTisha Scott responded to the criticism surrounding Miss Wanda’s actions.

Melody Holt and Martell Holt are in a good place when it comes to co-parenting. However, the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars are still dealing with drama. Recently, LaTisha Scott‘s mother Miss Wanda questioned the paternity of their youngest child. This didn’t sit well with them. And Melody’s decision to confront Miss Wanda while the cameras were rolling resulted in Martell clashing with Marsau Scott. In fact, it’s rumored that the two men actually came to blows.

Some fans now want Miss Wanda fired from the show. They started a petition that has thousands of signatures. At one point, Martell said Miss Wanda had been fired. But Marsau denied this. He said that Miss Wanda will continue to film LAMH with him and the rest of her family.

So Miss Wanda’s recent appearance on “The Nightcap With Carlos King” was a controversial one. Marsau also appeared on the episode with her.

There are fans who have continued to skip out on watching “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” And they have no problem calling out Miss Wanda as well as LaTisha and Marsau on social media.

After Carlos King promoted the episode on his Instagram account, LaTisha showed love in the comments. It didn’t take long for some fans to respond with plenty of criticism. One Instagram user wrote, “Y’all just need to crawl under a rock talking about an innocent baby. When Marsau probably got other seeds out here.”

In response, LaTisha wrote, “Who said ANYTHING about a baby?”

Another person wrote, “Boo. Definitely not watching. Can’t support someone who continues to talk recklessly about kids!!! Never heard the Holts say anything about the Scott children.”

LaTisha responded, “And the Scotts never said anything about the Holt kids.”

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  1. Latisha is such a disappointment. She knows Wanda is wrong but because her hate for Melody supersedes her morales, she’s playing stupid. I don’t understand why these adults can’t leave innocent black children out of their mess. Black children continue to be the least protected even in our own community.

  2. I want LaTisha to stop playing in our faces. She knows d-mn well her and her momma have gotten too comfortable speaking on Mel and Martell’s children and they would act a fool if the roles were ever reversed. There are no limits and boundaries with these people and I can’t stand it.

  3. As many degrees LaTisha has, she’s acting like she’s dumber than a bag of rocks!!! I can’t with those people ???????????????? Miss Wanda is a walking contradiction….Bye Gurr????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. There’s no reasoning or honesty at this point with Latisha, Wanda, or the Scott family. The stuff they do offline is deplorable. I understand throwing shade but leaving children out of the beefs should be a common sense thing. I remember when Wanda said she didn’t want the Scott kids playing with the Holt kids because she feels like the Scott kids have longer hair and she worried the Holt kids would be jealous and cut it off. Wanda is very problematic. And LaTisha is fine with what she says and does.

  5. Latisha plays stupid about everything her momma does just like she plays stupid about Marsue cheating. How would she feels if Miss Van said something like that about her, it will be World War 1 2 and 3 all over again.

  6. LaTisha is just needs to worry about the 2 kids her husband has out there in the streets, she knows they are out there, h-ll everybody knows. LaTisha is jealous of Melody and all the rest of the women on the show cause they look better than LaTisha and her mama. LaTisha take your mama off the show she is making you look worst then you already are. They really need to get LaTisha and her lying husband and country a-s mama off the show and replace them with Stormy and her husband.

  7. You can have as many degrees as you want but if don’t have common sense to go with the degree you still lost. When you come from a dysfunction family some has to be strong enough to brake the cycle. And to this point know one is strong enough to brake that {wanda} cycle. One question? How many white shows on that show this this type of low grading people like the Scott’s and {wanda}. This is the life style we suppose to be trying to get away from. A lot of people this is funny or it just a reality show. Any show that down grade people like this show. I stop looking at it when {wanda} start talking about children.

  8. It’s called slave mentality people!! And some of these comments feed right into it!! This is very common amongst our black culture!! Remember this is a reality show! The more drama they bring the higher the ratings!! Clearly it’s working. RHONJ talked about peoples kids also

    1. Slave mentality is thinking immoral behavior is okay because white people do it. Slave mentality is also thinking innocent black children don’t deserve protection.

  9. But your loud mouth rude rachet momma did. She truly needs to go back to whatever track she came from. She is gutter. And you act like you don’t see what she does or says is disrespectful. Oh but your used to that. She has no problem saying she has a husband and a boyfriend. Gutter

  10. The Scott’s are truly disgusting. Latisha is jealous of Melody and she and her mom look like trash. Marsau way out of line as well. Should leave innocent kids out of yall mess. Marsau called Vanessa a b…. what’s wrong with these ghetto a.. folk. Martel and Mel the reason the Scott’s on the show. They need to be replaced with Stormy and her hubby. I don’t watch no more because of Wanda and the Scott’s. Ratings have definitely decreased.

  11. Latisha need to tell her mother to stop worrying about Melody and Martel. Ms Wanda also need to get her some business and stop showing her jealousy against Melody. Ms Wanda with all that energy she needs to find a new Beautician

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