Kandi Burruss Questions if Tyrone Gilliams Helped Fund Sheree Whitfield’s Lifestyle

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Kandi Burruss’ friendship with Sheree Whitfield has been tested on RHOA.

Sheree Whitfield‘s romance with Tyrone Gilliams has been a hot topic on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” After Tyrone stood her up in Philidelphia, Sheree was heartbroken. And she decided it was time to move on from the relationship. She has come to the conclusion that she was naive to have given him a chance. For years, she waited on him while he served time in prison. Interestingly enough, she accused Kandi Burruss of not being supportive enough as she dealt with her disappointment. This led to her agreeing when Marlo Hampton called Kandi promiscuous and said she couldn’t get men in her tax bracket.

Kandi said she didn’t like Sheree’s role in the conversation with Marlo. So perhaps this is why Kandi didn’t hold back her thoughts on the latest “Speak On It.”

As she recapped the episode, she talked about the slumber party that Sheree planned at her home. And she talked about how Sheree told the ladies that a chandelier was $10,000. Kandi has some questions about Sheree’s money.

Kandi Burruss wants to know how Sheree Whitfield could afford to finish her house and buy expensive furnishings.

She said, “Sheree wasn’t on our show for a lot of seasons so I hate to ask this question, but I gotta ask this question that a lot of people are gonna ask. When she starts talking about all the money that she paid for the $10,000 chandelier, the $7000…was this the Tyrone money paying for all of this? Where did all this money come from to pay for all of these things?”

Kandi continued, “Was it another secret boo that we don’t know about? Cause she said she was holding on for Tyrone the whole time while the house was getting done. That house is done. And for most of that time, she had left us. She wasn’t on our show, she wasn’t with the housewives anymore. But the house got done. When I say that house is fabulous, it’s fabulous. It got all the bells and whistles inside, all the bells and whistles. Who was working? Where are the $10,000 chandelier checks coming from? I’m just curious. I’m just speaking for the people because the people wanna know, right?”

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  1. Good question Kandi!!!! But yet she’s plotting to “EXPOSE” Drew and Ralph at the reunion!!… Sheree better think twice before she open up her own closet full of bones…

  2. I want to know too, Sheree’s clothing line ain’t selling that many clothes. How much money did her boyfriend take? Yeah Sheree should not be the one to expose nobody the Feds just might be watching.

  3. Scherer is worried about kandi not meeting men in her tax bracket but she can’t find a man. She ruined her chances first season, first episode trying to get 7 figures from her ex . Girl, if you can’t afford fabrics for your non-existent clothing line and afford to pay people, they should be wondering where her money comes from to buy a chandelier.

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