LHHATL Stars Karlie Redd & Yung Joc Go Too Far + Woman Puts Joc All the Way on Blast

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Messy accusations have been made about Yung Joc.

The midseason premiere of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” was a doozy. While Kendra Robinson was stressing out about getting everything right for her wedding with Yung Joc, turns out the couple was a hot topic for other cast members.

Spice was shooting a music video. During a break, she had a conversation with her friend Meda. And it got messy after Spice confirmed that she plans on attending Joc and Kendra’s wedding. In response to this, Meda said, “I had been ******* with Joc for almost 14 years. 14 years, okay? I love Joc and Joc will forever love me, marriage or no marriage.”

She continued, “Here’s the difference, I was ******* with Joc. Me, Kendra…I don’t know what her timeline is. I know what my timeline is. I don’t know what hers is.”

Spice then shared this with Shekinah Anderson. She told Shekinah, “I asked her, I said, ‘When did you stop messing with Joc?’ She was like, ‘Umm, maybe like two years ago.’ But how long he been with Kendra?”

Shekinah answered, “About 5.” Spice then said, “See? That’s my problem.”

Karlie Redd and Yung Joc’s moment at the bachelor party was a lot.

Spice planned a dinner party to celebrate her Grammy nomination. Karlie Redd was in attendance. And she laughed when Sierra Gates confirmed that Kendra asked her to be a bridesmaid. Then Karlie revealed that she attended Joc’s bachelor party. She made her entrance by popping out of a box with a bow on it. She and Joc hugged and folks noticed that Joc’s hands went to places inappropriate for a man who is getting ready to marry the love of his life.

Karlie did a green screen interview in which she told producers that Joc whispered in her ear, asking her if she would go home with him after the event was over. So in her opinion, this means Joc is not ready for marriage.

More claims are made by Meda.

Meda was also at Spice’s celebratory dinner. Spice mentioned to Karlie that Meda has a past with Joc. And Karlie asked how long Meda had been dealing with Joc. Meda answered, “2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019…2017, 2019, And it goes…you know what I’m saying?”

Karlie wanted to know if Meda may have allegedly dealt with Joc in 2021. And Meda said, “21 has been a little…”

And when Karlie asked if Meda for sure messed around with Joc in 2019, Meda said, “Yes.”

The whole moment was pretty messy. But Karlie said that she went to Joc’s bachelor party because his close friend asked her to come through to make things more interesting. Although some fans believe that Joc and Karlie were both in the wrong for the onscreen interaction, Karlie believes Joc was wrong. And she said she warned Kendra that Joc would never change.

Other highlights from the episode include Safaree Samuels still trying to get adjusted to life after divorce. He doesn’t like that Erica Mena’s accusations have resulted in him being criticized by fans he sees in person. Safaree also said that Erica changed their son’s middle name to be spiteful. And Sierra is already having drama in her new engagement.

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  1. Many of us called this years ago when we said Kendra was too good for Joc. Now all these girls on this show are laughing at her behind her back and being messy for camera time. I’m the most surprised by Spice though. She usually doesn’t get involved in the mess.

    1. karlie is forever messy. couldnt they have gotten a better storyline for yandy? this thing happened how many years ago and she is bringing this back up again?reminds me of kimbella and chrissy

    1. Most of us did. And Joc would get triggered anytime someone said this on IG just to do…this. It’s crazy. But this is why women must never settle. In the end all you’ll have is wasted time and regrets. Now she’ll probably stick around because she doesn’t want to get divorced before their one year anniversary.

  2. Where did this Meda woman really come from and why is she so proud to be sleeping with a man for 14 years with no commitment?

  3. Joc should be ashamed of himself and Karlie is really enjoying all of this which says a lot about her character or lack thereof.

  4. I never understood the Kendra and Joc situation. She seems intelligent but somehow doesn’t understand that Joc is not someone to have a serious relationship with. She really thought he would change for her🤦‍♀️

  5. These d-mn storylines are fake as h-ll. Where was Meda when Ms Piggy gathered all of the sister wives together? Cmon now y’all put on ur thinkin caps.

  6. I think people understand this show is fake but they still believe Kendra deserves better and she’s settling. It’s disturbing to see a black woman who is educated and an attorney be subjected to this. Fake or not, she could have done much better.

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