‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Audra Attempts to Expose Toya + Anila is Accused of Shady Move

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On the recent episode of “Married to Medicine,” the tension between Audra and Toya becomes too hard to ignore. Toya rubs Audra the wrong way yet again after she questions why Martin and Audra showed up to Cecil and Simone’s dinner event wearing jeans. While Toya didn’t see the harm, Audra believes Toya is a very judgmental person. 

Audra gets even by attempting to put Toya on blast in front of the group. She accuses Toya of lying about selling her house for a million dollars. She then claims that Toya and Eugene had to still pay off 7 liens. Audra’s moment isn’t well received by the others. Contessa questions why they are discussing mortgages at a party. Heavenly wonders if Audra crossed the line as a real estate attorney. 

Toya also ends up having drama with one of Anila’s friends after Heavenly accuses the woman of telling people that Toya allegedly slept with another man in her neighborhood. This leads to a threat and explosive moment. 

Here’s a recap for, “Holi-Slay.”

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  1. I believe she did sleep with someone, you can tell she got with her husband cause he was a doctor and Toya loves to keep up with the Jones even if her husband has to work 24/7.

  2. I don’t believe a word from anyone who associates with Quad and Anila. Sorry, both have been caught up in too many lies for me. I doubt Toya cheated on Eugene. Bring the receipts.

      1. Watched the show from day one. Mariah has never accused Toya of cheating on Eugene. With that being said, I said Quad and Anila need to show receipts. And they will not because neither has ever provided a receipt about anything. Quad never showed proof of Mariah’s supposed drug problem and looked dumb when test results, cast members and producers shut her down. Anila never provided proof when she lied about Contessa trying to fight her mom and that time she lied on Lisa about stealing cash out of her purse. Those two are dangerous. They seek to destroy people with the lies they tell. You be easy, sis. Peace!

  3. I don’t believe it either. But it does seem as if Toya is the new Mariah. They really are ganging up on her this season and it looks desperate.

  4. Audra looked and sounded stupid. She was undressed compared to the other ladies every time.
    Didn’t She mention budget when she’s over for her wedding?

  5. When Audra said she was born in 1990, all her actions then made complete sense to me. I know Quad said she wanted some younger girls on the show, but I’m not sure they are mature enough to fit in with this group. These ladies can bicker and move on quickly for the sake of the show. Audra doesn’t seem to grasp how to do that so you tire of her antics fast. I’m not saying she should be fired, she just needs someone to show her the ropes. Someone who is not Quad or Anila of course. Quad is too sensitive. Anila is too new to understand it herself. I think even Heavenly would have talked Audra out of doing it. One thing Heavenly doesn’t play about is her career and professional image. She’s not going to risk her license to one-up Toya. You clap back at Toya with fun shade and keep it moving.

  6. Audra is just focusing to much on everything out of Toya’s mouth despite being told Toya is a top off and doesn’t mean anything. Audra keeps calling Toya out on everything she does and it’s not a good look. No matter her age.
    I don’t believe Toya cheated.

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