Ceaser Slams Jonathan Wright for Comments on ‘Black Ink Crew’ Exit + Jonathan Claps Back

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When it comes to the dog controversy, Ceaser feels some of his critics were hypocritical.

Ceaser was booted from “Black Ink Crew” after he was accused of beating a dog. Interestingly enough, some people felt he should have been fired from the show after his daughter accused him of beating her. And Ceaser noticed it when “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” alum Masika Kalysha expressed this on social media. Apparently, Ceaser also noticed it when “Bad Boys” star Jonathan Wright shared his opinion as well. He called both out during his interview with Math Hoffa.

He said, “I was going…even with the dog situation, right? I’ve seen ************* flaming up on me that had no reason to be talking. Like Masika, yo bro…I nearly went ham on social media. She said some crazy **** like, ‘Oh y’all finally cut him over a dog but y’all ain’t do nothing about his daughter. First of all, who the **** is you talking about? You don’t know none of this situation.”

Ceaser added, “You don’t know none of the situation. You’re sitting there in the comments but you’re the same ******* ***** that was attacking a pregnant woman on Zeus Network. A whole pregnant woman, you feel me? But you have the moral stature to sit here and say something to me? *****, you only worth what, what less than half a million? We’re not in the same tax bracket. What are we talking about?”

Jonathan Wright clapped back at Ceaser.

He questioned what Jonathan and Masika have done for the culture, “Then there’s another ************ he’s on Zeus on that ‘Bad Boys’…whatever the **** they wanna call it….this ************ was hitting a ************ with a folded up chair. But he wants to sit here and talk about the dog situation. I’m sitting here looking at ************* like **** my **** is much cleaner than ************. But y’all ****** tryna air me out! What have y’all ever done for the culture? Let’s talk that ****. What people have y’all helped, yo?”

Ceaser feels like the people who were the most vocal are the ones who are struggling the most, “All I see is a struggling baby mother, and a struggling *** producer, and a bunch of struggling *************. So tell me what y’all ****** have done to have such a high opinion on anything because all I see is a bunch of ******* who want to sit here and rectify **** by justifying somebody else’s **** ups.”

Well, Jonathan clapped back. On Instagram, he said, “I refuse to be arguing with a bald head, old ***, washed up ***, old ***** that ain’t getting no money in real life. Stop playing because I know these hair stylists wash, running circles around these ****** that supposed to be doing tattoos.”

He captioned the clip with, “And I’m way younger.”

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  1. I’m upset that Ceasar was canceled after beating a dog supposedly, than with a dispute with his daughter and baby mama. As far as Misika she’s washed up and going for her last 15 minutes of fame and if it wasn’t for the clip on this blog I wouldn’t know who he is, he’s not even in Ceasars league, he’s just got another 15 minutes before he’s done and disappeared. Ceasar may be off of TV, but he’s still making money with his shps in major cities. So keep it going Ceasar, Brooklyn got your back especially this Brooklynite.

  2. Ceaser is making this about money and net worth and that is how I believe he got in the situations he’s in now. Once someone gets to the point that they think they are untouchable, trouble is right around the corner.

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