Ceaser’s Daughter & Ex Set the Record Straight After He’s Fired from ‘Black Ink Crew’

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Ceaser’s firing from “Black Ink Crew” follows his fallout with his daughter.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser made headlines recently after it was confirmed he has been fired from the show. Social media erupted after a video of a man allegedly abusing dogs went viral. Blogger Gossip of the City was the first to share the video. And Donna shared the clip on her Instagram account. She strongly believes that Ceaser is the man in the video. After she called him out about it, she brought up the abuse allegations that were made by his daughter Cheyenne. She accused Ceaser of beating her and she made the claims during an Instagram Live session.

Ceaser denied the accusations. However, Cheynne’s mother Crystal had her back. And she said that she believed that their daughter was telling the truth. As a result, Ceaser held a news conference. He said that he planned to sue Crystal for defamation because he needed to protect his image as a successful businessman.

To no surprise, Ceaser’s relationship with his daughter is currently strained. He confirmed that he doesn’t talk to her. And he’s accused Crystal of brainwashing Cheyenne into thinking of him negatively. So he doesn’t think they can have a relationship again until Cheyenne moves out for college.

Well, Cheyenne has been a hot topic on social media since Ceaser made headlines over the latest accusations. So she decided to clear up a couple of things.

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  1. Give that man his job back if he wasn’t taking care of his kids people would call him a deadbeat , the way kids are today so disrespectful,he needed to keep her in check ,,,seens like her mom was always salty or mad maybe because Ceasar was not with her and he was on the come up, she wasn’t a part of that. Who can take the ladies involved serious ,, donna and kitty Ceasar helped them both and they just couldn’t get there shit together ,,, they just mad. It’s sad, leave that man alone

  2. Plus Donna can’t tattoo anyway! She’s very bitter because Ceasar don’t want her in the shop. She’s messy and so is the ex! Crystal needs to get a life and stop being PETTY!!

  3. First story was the dog had been aggressive with the other dogs right??? Now he was in fear on his life cause the dog turned on him??? Yea right smh…neither is an excuse for how he clearly wasnt in fear enough to follow it outside pick up a chair and go towards it multiple times and hit it with a chair smh cut the crap!!!! That dog prolly pisses, pooped, or tore up something expensive bruh he was mad in that video not scared…he was discipling that dog not running in fear smmfh hes whack for that!!

  4. I don’t believe it was all this serious to loose his spot on TV plus Donna is angry with Caesar anyway because he let her go she’s out for any type of revenge she can get Point Blank Period

  5. This is what you call poetic justice. He disrespected everyone for this chick. He even chose her over his child. Now, the one person that was so special to him was the very one that cost him everything.

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