Toya Bush-Harris Dragged Some People at the ‘Married to Medicine’ Reunion?

Photo Credit: Bravo

Toya Bush-Harris has had enough.

Married to Medicine” star Toya Bush-Harris probably didn’t think her marriage would be under fire on the current season. But that’s exactly what’s been playing out on the recent episodes. According to Dr. Heavenly Kimes, one of the women in Toya’s neighborhood has been accusing her of cheating on Dr. Eugene Harris. And they alleged Toya slept with another man from their neighborhood. Heavenly said that Zaina, the woman who allegedly put this rumor out, is one of Anila Sajja’s friends. Zaina showed up at Quad Webb’s holiday party. At first Heavenly thought that Anila had invited the woman. However, Heavenly later found out that it was Quad who invited Zaina. So Heavenly began to suspect that Anila and Quad set Toya up to be put on blast at the party.

Heavenly decided to tell Toya what was going on as things began to unfold. Now some people think it was messy for Heavenly to get involved. However, Heavenly felt like it would have been bad to not give Toya a heads up. Either way, Toya didn’t waste any time confronting Anila and Zaina. And she threatened to use her shoe on them if they were indeed responsible for spreading the accusations.

At this point, Toya just feels as if some of the other women are really coming for her marriage. And she’s not having it.

Recently, the “Married to Medicine” cast filmed the reunion for Season 9. Toya responded when a fan asked her if she handled business, too.

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  1. Quad and Anila both say a lot of things but never seem to back up any of it. Question, what made Heavenly turn and tell Toya about the rumor when she was there?

  2. They doing that same gang gang on Toya Bush like they did Mariah Huq, until they got her off the show. I hope Toya continues to stand tenn toes downon Heavenly and especially Quad and that Anila chick.

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