Toya Bush-Harris Goes Off on Alleged Person Who Said She Cheated on Dr. Eugene Harris

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Toya Bush-Harris continues to be targeted by rumors and speculation.

Married to Medicine” star Toya Bush-Harris is no stranger to getting caught up in the drama. And she has messy moments on and off of the show. She and Dr. Eugene Harris have been a hot topic during the current season. They sold their custom-built dream house. So a lot of people have opinions. People are speculating that the couple sold the house because they couldn’t afford it. Toya and Eugene have denied this. They said it was about making a lot of money during the seller’s market. And they made a million dollars from the sale. Interestingly enough, newbie Audra Frimpong has alleged that this isn’t true. She used her experience as a real estate attorney to come at Eugene and Toya’s finances. At this point, Toya thinks Audra cares about her a bit too much.

Well, it seems as if Audra isn’t the only one making messy accusations about Toya. On the upcoming episode, more attention will be placed on Toya. And it comes out that someone has accused her of cheating on Eugene with someone living in their neighborhood. When Toya comes face to face with the person who allegedly made the accusations, she goes all the way off.

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  1. Seems like to me Toya and Anila have some messy a-s neighbors. I don’t believe Toya cheated at all. But I do believe quite a few of these ladies are very thirsty for storylines. So they depend on Toya to give them one.

  2. They have made this show all about Toya and it’s hilarious to me how these girls don’t even realize how much it helps Toya. She’ll keep getting a big check to do this show because the other women are obsessed and pressed.

  3. Leave to Heavenly to repeat on camera what Anlia told her off camera. I don’t believe Toya’s cheated, I do believe Anlia, Heavenly, Quad and Audra will repeat anything that may make Toya like bad. They just love ❤️ giving Toya screen time.

  4. I believe she did sleep with someone, Why would they risk making Toya mad? They could have said a lot of other things about Toya that are true. If it is not true why did Toya get so mad? It was true about her not making a million dollars when she sold her house Toya didn’t get mad. Why would they put a lie like that out there and knowing that one day they will have to prove it. Toya was buddy buddy with them, so they know something,

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