Destiny Payton Responds After LAMH Fan Says She’s Been Too Messy on the Show

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LAMH fans continue to be very opinionated about Destiny Payton and Melody Holt’s drama.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Destiny Payton had a very controversial fallout with Melody Holt. LAMH fans have been very opinionated about the demise of their friendship. Both women have accused the other of being responsible for why things went left. Destiny felt like Melody cooled off on their friendship when the calls became less frequent. However, Melody figured texting her frequently would be fine. And she had no idea that Destiny felt like she had abandoned their friendship. After Destiny expressed this at the reunion, Melody was taken aback. And she revealed that she gave Destiny money to pay bills when she was going through a stressful time. As for Destiny, she didn’t like that Melody shared this. So it doesn’t seem as if they will be able to hash things out anytime soon.

On the current season, Melody expressed that she had some suspicions about Martell Holt’s business manager Melneka. She told Kimmi Scott that Melneka was her wedding planner. But she quit a couple of weeks before their big day. And it’s because Melneka suspected that Martell was trying to mess around with her assistant. Melody also said that she thinks Melneka and Martell have messed around.

Well, Kimmi repeated all of this to Destiny and LaTisha Scott. Destiny later told Martell about the conversation.

Some viewers have called Destiny out about this on social media. And she responded when they said she’s being messy on the show.

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  1. People will always react to how you carry yourself on television. If Destiny doesn’t like the criticism, maybe she should present a better version of herself on LAMH.

    1. Exactly 💯… And if she doesn’t want anyone commenting on her situation on social media… don’t bring it to social media!!! She needs to make it make sense!!! Pray she can find peace and healing one way or another!!!

    2. I do not believe that she is messy. Mel took Tiffany’s side when she was being messy with Destiny instead of backing her. Destiny is minding her business and everyone else is being messy by bringing up Mel’s name. There has been no resolution to their problems so there is no reason to try to reunite these two.

  2. Destiny is probably a really nice lady but I feel like she gives absolutely nothing on the show. She’s just there to repeat info to Martell. She has no storyline. And I really feel this way about the majority of the cast now. The show is so stale now.

  3. But Destiny is messy outside of the show too. So…anyway, I agree that LAMH isn’t what it used to be. It’s flat-out boring now. Hopefully, the cast is serious about growing their businesses because reality shows don’t stay hot forever.

  4. Destiny has been fishing for sympathy on IG but she’s still combative when people offer her some advice which is stay off social media to recharge and consider leaving the reality show that employs her to be toxic and messy. It doesn’t seem like she really wants peace and positivity. Just more fanfare.

  5. All of them are messy. Some are just messier than others. Kimmie is doing whatever it takes to become “a real” Scott. She is carrying the information told to her back to Destiny, Latisha and Tiffany because that is what she is instructed to do by the producers. Reality television is set up and edited. Take a look at the housewife shows, they all do the same things. They all go on a ladies trip, they all have an event, etc. In real life I would stay the h-ll away from all of these crazy drama filled people especially the catty a-s men. Nobody in their right mind would want to deal with this stupid sh*t. The whole cast is a hot d*mn mess and they do it for a paycheck. Chi ching

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