‘Married to Medicine’ Star Toya Bush-Harris Tells Quad Webb She’s Been a Liar from the Start

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Quad Webb and Toya Bush-Harris continue to clash.

Married to Medicine” stars Quad Webb and Toya Bush-Harris continue to have a contentious relationship. On the current season, Toya believes Quad was the main culprit in the cheating rumors she’s been targeted with. As we reported, Toya has been accused of sleeping with another man who lives in her neighborhood. Toya has denied cheating on Dr. Eugene Harris. And Dr. Heavenly Kimes was the one who told her about the accusations spreading within the group. At one point, Heavenly thought that Quad and Anila Sajja had purposely brought one of the ladies who allegedly brought up the rumor to her to Quad’s house party. It just seemed like Toya was being set up to be put on blast.

Although Anila was originally who Toya suspected was behind the rumor, Anila threw Quad under the bus on the previous episode. In fact, she told Toya that it was Quad who invited the woman to the party who had been talking about the cheating rumor. And Anila suspected that Quad set her up to take the fall.

Toya believed Anila’s version of events immediately. She’s also accused Quad of having a history of slandering other people on the show.

Well, it looks as if Toya will be confronting Quad on the upcoming episode. And she tells Quad she’s been a liar since day one.

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  1. And Toya is absolutely correct. Quad lies like her life depends on it. And people only believe the nonsense she says because she lies about people they don’t like (Mariah, Toya).

  2. Where did Toya lie? Quad’s been lying since the beginning. Quad’s lies have only gotten more dangerous.
    Contessa has taken the same stand as Heavenly don’t talk about my husband. Why is that hard Heavenly to understand, when she doesn’t want anyone to say anything about Damon or her marriage?

  3. Quad’s lies have only gotten worse as time has passed. She doesn’t care about lying.
    Contessa has taken Heavenly’s own stand; don’t talk about my husband and marriage. Why does Heavenly find this so hard to understand when she doesn’t want anyone to speak on her husband and marriage?

  4. Growing quite tired of Quad. She has no purpose on thee show. She can be a friend of the show like Audra and Buffy. Dr G was a friend of the guys and a doctor so maybe it’s fair to bring Him and his new wife back to the friend circle and give Quad some of what Toya get with all this new crap from Quad, Nila, Audra and Heavenly

    1. Whew! I wish they would invite Dr. G and his new wife on the show. He is still friends with the fellas and it may be the push to get Quad off. Lol

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