Gizelle Bryant Blasts Monique Samuels + Monique Claps Back

Photo Credit: Bravo

Monique Samuels and Gizelle Bryant still don’t like each other.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant is currently tied up in a feud with Candiace Dillard. As we reported, Gizelle claimed Chris Bassett made her feel uncomfortable at last season’s reunion. On the recent episode, Gizelle told Candiace that it bothered her that Chris wanted to talk in her dressing room. And in her opinion, it seemed as if Chris was trying to see if she would be okay with him hitting on her.

Chris has denied this. He and Candiace honestly feel like he’s being attacked on the current season. And they believe Gizelle is targeting Chris for a storyline. So Candiace is done with Gizelle. As for Gizelle, she said she’s done with Candiace. She accused Candiace of not appreciating that she rode for her after the altercation happened with Monique Samuels.

Of course, Monique and Gizelle had their own issues as well. Monique blamed Gizelle for the cheating accusations about her being brought onto RHOP. Monique was accused of cheating with her trainer. She has vehemently denied this. And she got even with Gizelle by bringing a binder of receipts. Monique accused Gizelle of faking a reconciliation with Jamal Bryant for television.

Well, Gizelle and Monique recently exchanged verbal jabs and shade. And their feud is far from over.

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  1. I’m just tired of Giselle…. she’s a beautiful woman…but it’s basically time for her to leave the show because she has to make up a storyline season after season in order to remain relevant on the show….So now she’s making Chris Bassett her storyline this season….Lady just let it go now!!!

  2. Candy, Candace, Candy, Candace, her HUSBAND should not be contacted another woman that time of night. By the way your HUSBAND not off limits as well….he’s the one decided to be film too…..

  3. Giselle is projecting and she is bitter, jealous, and envious. Sad! Why would she feel the need to do all that regarding Monique. As far as Candace, well , Monique tried to warn you about this. However, Candace and Wendy teamed up with Giselle to get
    Monique out. Giselle history has shown to be pathetic and would ruin relationships with families all because she is miserable. I’m sure they, Candace and Chris, will weather through this and come out strong 👀😅

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