Carlos King Calls Out ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Critics for Calling the Show Ratchet

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LAMH has been full of drama.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have been very critical of how much they feel the show has changed since its first season. Initially, the show appeared to be about successful Black couples working together to create wealth through real estate. However, it became clear that Melody Holt and Martell Holt were having a lot of issues in their marriage. In fact, Melody revealed Martell was a serial cheater. And he even had a mistress for years. Their marriage fell apart. Martell had a baby with the woman. He and Melody are now divorced. So the show began to focus on the drama between Melody and Martell. And eventually, the Comeback Group dissolved.

As the friendships began to wane, Miss Wanda’s presence on the show increased. She interjected herself into Melody’s feud with LaTisha Scott. The last straw for Melody was Wanda doubting that Martell is the biological father of the youngest Holt child.

Melody confronted Wanda about her comments during Destiny Payton’s event. It got heated. Wanda tried to attack Melody from behind. And Martell and Marsau Scott nearly came to blows while they tried to keep LaTisha and Melody from being hit. So a lot of fans blamed Wanda for the drama. They created a petition hoping it would convince those in charge to remove her from the show.

Some viewers have expressed that they feel the show is now problematic. And it isn’t a good look for Black people.

Well, Carlos King is not here for anyone calling LAMH ratchet. He called people out, too.

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  1. The show is ratchet now and he knows this. So I’m not sure why he’s so triggered by people saying the obvious. It’s not a race thing. I call white people ratchet and ghetto all the time. Any race can be classless. That’s common sense. If he doesn’t want that label, maybe he should clean up his shows. He wanted Wanda to be a star, well this is what comes with that.

    1. Amen!!!! Rachet is about behavior. Carlos thrives on that ignorance; that’s why he constantly goes back to the “tea”. He stirs the pot in order for the catty, petty, gutter responses can rise to the top! TRASHY behavior, just like Andy Cohen’s mess!

    1. I think these People have major issues With Self,All Of Them Are Showing who They really Are, Kimmy seems to be the only one with some since, But what gets me is, why is it always the ones who have Allll this money get on TV And Have No Control over their Emotions.. And They All LOOK LIKE THEY GOT IT ALL Together.. It’s Sad.. I wonder what their neighbors and those that know them are saying..

  2. I think Carlos should ask himself if he’d ever have his mother and other family members on television fighting for ratings. If the answer is no, he should understand the criticism. He also needs to stop pretending everyone’s life and family is dysfunctional.

    1. Carlos should understand the criticism anyway considering how the show started. It was very different than what is now. And I think that is why people are so critical. They remember what it was and they feel like Carlos and OWN should have stuck to the original formula. Now we barely see these people do real estate. But they hyped up an almost altercation for months.

  3. If he thinks it is not in bad taste then “HE” is just an exploited person who is totally interested in making mi ey and Black people look stereotypical.
    The show started out under the auspices that there were couples in the “ South” who were doing quite well and giving back to their community. A plus for OWN! Now it’s like watching a trashy post from Walmart on Facebook!

  4. The show’s not ratchet Wanda is and nobody can deny that she even says she comes from the gutter and she’s OK being in there come on Carlos don’t come on Carlos don’t VS nobody Wanda is Wanda is ratchet and she does give black let’s give black people a bad look. I don’t care what race or nationality are if you act like Wanda you are wretched you are ghetto you are hood you are gutter.. This show was about black people being professional be insufficient so what if they have some drama but at least they don’t go to the gutter the bottom of the barrel you need to let one to go she’s not a good look for anybody.

  5. I know people have drama in their lives, but no one has as much drama as these people. Some of this is scripted for ratings and to keep the show going. How many of us can say that if our lives were on reality tv, people would continue to watch? Not many. I don’t watch this show because every commercial is drama-filled. I don’t have drama in my life and I don’t want to see chaos on tv. I briefly saw the episode at the salon where Melody (I remember her from season one because her voice is irritating) was arguing with the other woman. I turned away and I came back 30 minutes later and they were still arguing and putting fingers in one another’s face. Really? No one says, “The heck with this mess” and gets in their vehicle and leaves? No one throws a punch? Okay. Viewers, you’re being hoodwinked (pun intended). These shows are scripted and the drama is make believe. Why do these people continue to deal with one another if every interaction is drama? As long as you keep watching, this is the trash that will continue to be on tv.

  6. Yeah I was thinking that I’m not watching too much more of this country mess. Why are they all interested in each other’s marriages? They had Chris and Nell’s disrespectful, effed up kids on the show! Now their throwing drinks on each other! I liked it in the beginning tho but I’m done!

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