Dr. Simone Whitmore Isn’t Impressed by Quad Webb’s Lie Detector Test + Says She’s a Fraud

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Dr. Simone Whitmore isn’t feeling Quad Webb’s accusations about Toya Bush-Harris.

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb may have made some controversial accusations about Toya Bush-Harris but she was also hit with some herself. In fact, Quad was not happy about being accused of sleeping with her contractor. The issue is he happens to be married with children. Plus, the rumor also traveled because people had questions about her finances. Quad thought that it was Toya who spread the rumor to the group. However, Dr. Simone Whitmore revealed that she is the one who brought the gossip back to the cast. She happens to share a mutual friend with the contractor.

She went on to tell Quad that her source is reliable. Quad disagreed. And she denied sleeping with the contractor.

Despite Simone telling Quad she did the deed, fans noticed that Quad still appeared to have more anger for Toya. They clashed plenty at the reunion. But Quad figured a lie detector test would be sufficient to prove her innocence. However, Andy Cohen said that the tests aren’t admissible in court. Toya is on the same page as Andy. Interestingly enough, it seems as if Simone wasn’t impressed by Quad taking the lie detector test either. And she called Quad out after part 1 of the reunion aired.

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  1. Simone is just mad that she got the test cause she was the one who put that lie out there. Simone should grow up she always says things that are not true.

  2. You can literally lie while doing a lie detector test and pass. You just have to remain calm. Like the information is out there. I’m not going to play stupid. Quad is the biggest liar on the show. Next!

  3. I think most of the fans don’t take that test seriously. If you believe your lie, you’ll past the lie detector test. That’s why courts don’t accept them. Mariah’s drug tests were more credible and Quad said she didn’t believe her. So I have no sympathy for Quad. I’m glad Simone is keeping Quad in the hot seat. She got away with too much for too long.

  4. Why didn’t Quad take a lie detector test when Lake said she slept with her husband? The police report confirmed the a-s whooping Lake gave her.

  5. And Quad still won’t come for Simone like she does Toya. Quad is scared of Simone and it’s pathetic. She definitely needs to stop pretending this is her show when she’s such a coward. She’s scared of Heavenly, Simone, and Jackie. I doubt she’ll try Contessa too. Mariah never let the doctors scare her. I always appreciated that.

    1. Quad is scared of Jackie and Simone because they have the power to get her off that show. Heavenly is the reason Quad got her job back after she was fired from the show. She goes against Heavenly, Heavenly will stop vouching for her spot. Watch Heavenly’s YouTubes. She’s honest about the power dynamics behind the scenes. The doctors have always held more power than the wives. Mariah was right about so many things. Quad goes after Toya because she’s the only person she can spar with and not be fired over. We could see her try it with Anila but something tells me Anila would surprisingly win that because she’s mastered playing victim better than Quad has.

  6. I see what Simone is doing. She’s baiting Quad to come for her so she’ll get her right off the show. Simone can have someone completely iced out of the group when she wants. She had Heavenly in tears crying for forgiveness on YouTube. That told me everything I needed to know. LOL.

  7. I’m waiting for Quad to try her usual tactics with Simone because baby, if she even forms her lips to slander Simone and accuse her of a crime like she did Mariah and Toya, Simone will definitely have her fired. She’s not going to let Quad play with her.

  8. I seriously think Simone hates Quad and Heavenly! And so what if Quad sleeps with whoever she wants to she’s not married ! But Simone questions everything they do or say! But Contessa and. her favorite girls Toya can say derogatory things towards others

    1. Okay? Heavenly and Quad hate Toya and team up against her all the time. So why aren’t the other women allowed to have alliances as well? This is the problem. Y’all want Quad and Heavenly to be able to do what they please and the other girls to just lay down and take it. Nah, it doesn’t work that way. Quad needs to stop speaking on what other women are doing with their bodies if she doesn’t want them discussing what she does with hers. Quad will not receive special treatment. She can leave the show if that’s an issue. I know I wouldn’t miss her.

      1. I don’t think Heavenly’s in an alliance with Quad and Anila. She let them drown at the reunion because she didn’t agree with them pinning the robbery on Toya and Eugene. Heavenly isn’t a stupid woman. And the reality is she cares about Toya and Eugene. Eugene, Toya, Heavenly, and Damon were friends before the show. Toya knows more about Heavenly than Quad does. Quad overplayed her hand because Toya isn’t Mariah. Heavenly, Simone, Contessa, and Jackie weren’t going to support the robbery narrative.

        1. Heavenly hasn’t been in an alliance with Quad since Mariah was pushed out. She already said that it’s hard and exhausting to be friends with Quad. Quad thought all the girls loved her because they sided with her to push Mariah out but they don’t really like Quad like that. Her personality annoys all of them. They don’t laugh with her, they laugh at her. The husbands too. Watch those green screens. She needs to straighten up next season. They are over her. She’s become a clown to them. Anila is the only one who takes Quad seriously on that show.

  9. Get her Simone. Simone is not about to let Quad do to Toya what she did to Mariah. Contessa either. And I am definitely happy about that. Even Heavenly isn’t siding with Quad and Anila about this robbery thing. Quad is college educated but too ignorant to understand that you don’t get on TV and accuse a black woman and her black doctor husband of a felony with no receipts because the white and Indian ladies made accusations they can’t back up with proof. Then Quad had the audacity to try to get sympathy with the single black women can buy houses line. Meanwhile, Quad made an entire career out of tearing down other black women for a pay check. Girl gone!

  10. Since Heavenly, Quad, and Anila have that raggedy a-s alliance, I’m here for Simone, Toya, and Contessa having an alliance. It’s about time Quad be held accountable for her bs. I’m tired of her.

  11. I just know Quad and her fans aren’t crying and whining right now. Quad did a lot of dirty sh-t to people on and off of this show. Simone owes her nothing especially after she dogged all the ladies out when Sister Circle was a thing. Quiet as it’s kept, that made them all mad. And they won’t ever forget it. They’ll play nice but they’re done riding for her.

  12. Next season Quad will invite Bravo into her dating life just to remain on the show, I’m surprise she is not trying to pitch a dating spin off as we speak. And, please get rid of Contessa, I’m so tired of the fake storylines each season, she brings nothing.

  13. I wish these producers would show us different sides to all of these women. It’s the same thing every season and it’s time to flesh them all out more. Why can’t we see Quad do something else outside of cause unnecessary drama? Why haven’t we seen Jackie’s family? Why aren’t we allowed to see Toya doing her side hustles and writing children’s books? Why haven’t we seen Heavenly with her sister? Or Contessa and Scott ruining a smoothie business together? How are Simone and Cecil’s sons doing? Like it’s not balanced anymore. And everyone has been reduced to stereotypes.

  14. Where is Quad’s heat for Simone? Simone told Quad that she said Quad sleep with the contractor. Simone also said ” I never said he was married.” Heavenly then said ” I said he was married but I don’t have any proof.” Again no real heat.

  15. Toya and Simone are jealous of Quad accomplishment. Toya , you chose to have children and stay at home and beg your for coins, and Simone, you are so mad at the world because your husband is not the bread winner, you are.

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