Chris Bassett Clashes with Buffie Purselle + Apologizes for Calling Her out of Her Name

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Candiace Dillard Bassett and Chris Bassett are upset about the latest RHOP drama.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett isn’t happy about the drama that has unfolded during the current season. This is due to the accusations made about her husband Chris Bassett. As we recently reported, Gizelle Bryant accused Chris of making her feel uncomfortable at last season’s reunion. She alleged that he asked if they could speak privately. And she was uncomfortable with talking to him alone in her dressing room. Gizelle later went on to tell Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” that there was a bed in all of their rooms. So the optics aren’t something she wanted to play around with. As for Candiace and Chris, they believe that Gizelle is just attacking Chris for a storyline.

To no surprise, the accusations made about Chris have a lot of people discussing the situation on social media. Many are siding with Chris as they feel as if Gizelle has been a troublemaker on RHOP for a long time. Plus, Candiace thinks Gizelle has tried to tear down marriages for a while now. So this isn’t something that she feels as if she and Gizelle will be able to get past at some point down the road.

Well, Chris and Candiace recently had another dramatic situation unfold hours ago on social media. Candiace once again took issue with comments made by Buffie Purselle. However, the “Married to Medicine” alum thinks Chris took things too far by calling her a ***.

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  1. What in the world? I’m surprised by Chris’ behavior. This was beneath him. I would never be okay with my husband talking about another woman like this. I expect him to actually be more level headed than me in situations I’m emotional about and vice versa. We protect each other from trouble. Not encourage it. I’m disappointed by these tweets. I understand Buffie has been saying a lot about Candiace but this ain’t it. It’s better to ignore than engage and say something you shouldn’t out of anger.

  2. Candiace is my girl but I didn’t like that Chris called Buffie a h-e. And trying to meet up with her husband like they need to scrap over this is so ridiculous to me. That man is a doctor and owns his own practice. He’s not street fighting and arguing on Twitter. Buffie should be ignored. The Married 2 Med girlies don’t even acknowledge her antics anymore. So Candiace and Chris should do the same.

  3. Candiace and Chris need to stop letting their fans hype them up because truth be told, the fans just love the drama. They don’t really care about their well being. If they did they wouldn’t keep bringing drama to them all the time.

    1. I’ve been saying this. Fans can be great for wealth building and career expansion. But if you engage them too much, they are a huge liability. Most of them have nothing to lose but listening to them will cost someone with everything to lose it all. Kanye’s fans enabled him for years and look at what just happened. Chris needs to spend less time on social media. Buffie isn’t on TV anymore so them responding is only helping her grow her YouTube channel. Not smart. Pay her dust.

  4. Buffie needs to be quiet. Her husband needs to tell her not to speak, tweet or may any insinautuaons of Candice or her husband.

  5. Chile…this is NOT a good look for Chris. Buffie may be annoying but if this is what Chris does when he’s mad, he’s going to eventually end up in a situation that could cost him and Candiace opportunities. They can’t move like this anymore. RHOP is too big of a platform.

    1. She really did and it’s disturbing. No one in that relationship has the wisdom or maturity to navigate this Bravo thing the right way. So this won’t end well.

  6. Honestly, Chris and Candiace need to stop this sh-t. The majority of the fans sided with them regarding the Gizelle nonsense and Buffie’s opinions aren’t important. They actually made Buffie trend on Twitter yesterday by responding. They give the wrong people energy. I ain’t helping somebody I don’t like grow their platform. They better pay attention to how Jackie handled Buffie. She apologized and now it’s like Buffie never existed. They have to get to a point where they understand whoa needs to be ignored and when defending themselves is absolutely necessary. The short answer is only beer with people you get paid to beef with.

  7. And also why is Buffie even doing this? She was born into wealth and married rich. The need for attention is crazy.

  8. Buffie sided with Monique. Candiace looks over then side want be chick. At less Candiance you are not going around telling people you and your husband divorcing. Like everyone says Monique doing. Buffie be quiet with your two top lips. And no one want Buffie husband. Gizelle is just jealous of Candiace because she has so much going on and Gizelle has only the lie story line

  9. They are all too old for this. Nobody is right in this situation. Chris doesn’t need to protect Candiace from other women. She can handle that just fine. If a man talked to Candiace like this, he’d have a fit. Gizelle may be awful, but Chris is way too involved. It won’t end well if he doesn’t take a step back. He’s worse than Peter Thomas.

  10. The funny thing is none of these people have thick enough skin to be on a reality show. Candiace and Chris especially seem ready to lose it all over hurt feelings.

  11. It amazes me how Bravo allows Candace to attack other Blacks, calling Ashley a bed wench, slave, and using overseer and slave master. And making a lengthy video telling a black gay blogger he shouldn’t be allowed to breath because he’s fat and wishing death, that same blogger past of medical reasons, she didn’t apologize, Chris apologized to his family. But I guess it’s cool as long as black cast members are attacking each other and not other races

  12. Why do they care what Buffie thinks so much? She hasn’t been on TV for years. And she only did one season of Married 2 Med. Chris calling Buffie a h-e was really foul and speaks to his true character. Candiace is wild for being okay with Chris calling Buffie a h-e. I’m side eying both of them moving forward.

  13. They all look stupid. Adults acting like children on the internet. They seriously make Gizelle look like a mature genius.

  14. Now Gizelle says that many a married man has seen if she’s about it…insinuating that Chris was trying to hit on her in that hotel room. Did he call her a h**? His mother-in-law all but called him a house husband,bum, married Candiace on the come up and did he call her a h**? Nope.When people show you who they are…believe them. I SEE YOU CHRIS DILLARD. Yeah I said it.

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