Dr. Simone Whitmore Calls out Quad Webb for Accusations Made About Toya Bush-Harris

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Toya Bush-Harris is dealing with controversial accusations.

Married to Medicine” fans are very opinionated about the latest accusations. Toya Bush-Harris was already dealing with cheating accusations. Dr. Heavenly Kimes told her that one of Anila Sajja’s friends was telling people that Toya cheated. It was alleged she slept with a man from her neighborhood. Heavenly thought it was shady that the woman who allegedly made the accusations showed up at Quad Webb’s holiday party.

In Heavenly’s mind, it all seemed like a setup to put Toya all the way on blast. So Heavenly felt it was necessary to tell Toya what she heard before she was bombarded by drama she didn’t see coming. Toya wasted no time confronting Anila and her friend. Both denied having anything to do with the gossip.

After Anila and Dr. Kiran Sajja’s house was broken into, Quad told Heavenly she felt like Toya had something to do with it. She would later say Kari Well accused Toya of saying there was a hit out on Anila. However, Toya has denied saying this. And she’s considering suing Kari for defamation.

The backlash from fans made Quad Webb respond.

On the upcoming episode, others are dragged into the situation. Quad tells Anila that Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Dr. Simone Whitmore believe she staged the robbery. However, Contessa and Simone appeared to have doubts about the hit claims. And they don’t trust that Kari is telling the truth.

Some fans are not happy about the accusations Quad is making on the current season. So she’s been receiving backlash on social media. Hours ago, she addressed this. She feels she was right to tell Anila what she did. Plus, she believes other cast members are trying to make the fans dislike her. And people were quiet when they were called out at the reunion.

Well, Simone recently responded. And she feels Quad is the one out of line.

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    1. Team Toya and Simone quad should not be on the show.go find something else to do with yourself. You too mess.

  1. I don’t think Simone needed to respond. Most of the fans know Quad is full of crap. Toya had so many beefs on this show and not once was anyone robbed. And I agree Queen, Simone is very pretty. She’s been glowing this season.

  2. I love that Simone is once again letting it be known that Quad is going too far with her lying. I don’t understand why Phaedra was fired but Quad (has now accused two people of criminal activity) continues to do as she pleases on that platform.

  3. The way I know Toya didn’t do anything is because none of these girls went to the police and told them what they supposedly know. They tried to make that robbery a storyline and they are flopping like fish out of water. Please believe cops will find you swiftly if you set up a neighbor to be robbed.

  4. Quad is a sad bitter person. She don’t have a story line so she is being very messy. Every one can see through her except the dum India women. They will see soon how Quad is using them to get revenge.

  5. Simone has called Quad out about some more. Quad doesn’t know when to stop. This group is never quiet, they are a very rowdy group who are very vocal.
    Simone has glowed this season. Cecil has been doing something right. 👏

  6. Yes, Simone looks amazing and polished, time and a Bravo paycheck has done her well. Cecil knew to get his act together as it is rare you strike gold twice, if at all. With regards to Quad, the only way she should remain on the show and only in the friend capacity is to watch Dr. Greg and his fiance build a life together. I think that would be a great resurgence for the show, but I completely understand if Dr. Greg and his soon to be wife would like to remain private, but man that would be the ultimate zinger.

  7. I thought that Quad said that those weren’t her friends when she was on her talk show. Now that it was canceled she runs back to them trying to be more than what she is. Can’t stand her she lied on Mariah and now on Toya. Get rid of her!!!!

  8. Team Quid they are p-ssed at her being single and making moves. Like buying a house,cars etc.
    Simone is boring and need a story line. Toya, doing nothing for herself on the show boring. Quad will stay on the show. Andy loves her.

    1. Why would any of them be jealous of Quad? No shade but I really don’t understand the narratives I see written from Quad fans. I don’t think any woman on that show wants to trade places with Quad. And honestly, what storyline does Quad have outside of attacking Toya? Toya is Quad’s storyline sweetie because as quiet as it’s kept, Quad has been boring for a while now. That’s why she was demoted and Toya has never had that happen to her. Toya and Heavenly are the show. They are everyone’s storylines and it’s been that way since Mariah left. As it stands, Toya has more income streams than Quad. She’s also the breadwinner in her marriage. So let’s NOT. Toya is good. It’s Quad who is acting very desperate and unhinged. So is her position really secure? All Toya has to do is be herself, Heavenly too. Quad can’t relate.

      1. I think it’s been a rough era for Quad and her fans. The clap backs just ain’t hitting like they used to when Quad had a talk show and didn’t need Married 2 Med (their words).

    2. You do know most black women are single and extremely educated? Black women becoming homeowners while single is pretty standard. Saying anyone is jealous of Quad is definitely a reach. People don’t like Quad because she’s a troublemaker who tells very damaging lies.

    3. Please stop gaslighting. Simone is calling Quad out for accusing Toya of committing a felony with no proof. Why do y’all lie and deflect like this? This isn’t about jealousy and you know that.

  9. Quad is bitter, self centered and a professional liar. She will lie just to get attention. She’s no one’s friend. She a messy thing. That thinks she’s all that. Gilr make yourself happy without hurting others.

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