‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Ceaser & Krystal Make Some Tough Decisions

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Tatti learns a lesson.

Young Bae decides to teach Tatti a lesson at the shop. Tatti has been tattooing people even though she’s far from ready. So Bae instructs her to try to trace her lines. Tatti struggles and realizes she needs to take baby steps to become a tattoo artist. It isn’t something she should try to rush into.  

Quani talks to her mother about what she’s been feeling lately. Her mother completely understands that Quani now wants her own career. And she’s earned the right to have her own journey after supporting Puma’s career for so long.

Krystal quits.

When people make it to the shop, they see Ceaser had a table full of food catered for the crew. Everyone suspects that this won’t be a positive evening. When Rok and Krystal get there, Ceaser calls the newly engaged couple out. He thinks they are eating off the Black Ink brand by having their own tattoo shop. So they have to choose one or the other. 

Krystal questions why Bae is allowed to have a shop. Ceaser explains that Bae’s shop is very small. And if she had a storefront, he would have fired her.

Ceaser moves on from Krystal. 

After Ceaser gets everything off his chest, Krystal tells Rok and Tatti that she’s quitting. She will not allow Ceaser to mistreat her. 

Rok later has a conversation with Puma about the drama with Ceaser. Puma explains that it’s bad business for Rok and Krystal to have their own shop and still make money from the Black In brand. Even though Ceaser didn’t move on Rok’s offer to open a Black Ink in New Jersey, Rok still has to make this right.

Ceaser returns to the shop with an announcement. Since Krystal quit, he’s replacing her with an artist named Michelle. Michelle comes in to introduce herself to the crew. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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  1. Business is what it is but Krystal & Rok should be tatting in their own spot period.
    Did they speak on having a shop? If not, I understand the table analogy.

  2. I’m just waiting for the episode when Ceaser gets his comeuppance. Bring it on! Then, YOU will be fired Ceaser! You love cutting folks loose. Now you will be the one who gets cut! I don’t see your so-called new show on the tele. Whatever company decides to hire your sorry self must be crazy! You are a total power jerk. You need to fall back and take assessment of your life. But I know you’re too good for that.

  3. Ceaser is a prime example of what not to do period. I hate to knock a guy when he’s down, but Ceaser really does treat his workers badly. And his workers need to be checked at times too. The vid with him beating the dog is so hard to watch! Do better Ceaser! You can’t be a great boss until you learn how to appreciate the people who work under you. They have their own lives too. God is watching. Act like it!

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