RHOP Drama: Peter Thomas Calls out Wendy Osefo + Mia Thornton Throws Plenty of Shade

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Peter Thomas calls out Wendy Osefo.

Months ago, it was revealed that things got really explosive between Mia Thornton and Wendy Osefo on the current season of RHOP. The “Real Housewives of Potomac” stars clashed during Mia’s first season on the show. Wendy thought Mia was a fake friend to Karen Huger. After Mia’s first time with the group, she asked Gizelle Bryant for her number. Wendy felt this was shady since Karen and Gizelle were feuding then. So they struggled to get along for the rest of the season. And their tension carried over into Season 7.

On the upcoming episode, things get much worse between Wendy and Mia. The ladies are in Miami for Mia’s trip. Mia takes them to Peter Thomas‘ restaurant for a good time. The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” husband has been opening up Bar One locations since his divorce from Cynthia Bailey.

Wendy was in talks with Peter to open a Nigerian lounge together. However, she had some questions about the business idea. And she wanted Eddie to invest in the project as well.

Well, Peter ends up telling Mia and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan that he didn’t like how Wendy handled things.

After Mia asks Peter if he just met Wendy recently, he says, “Not too long ago. Looking at this one subsidized steakhouse I’m doing in Baltimore Harbor. And she wanted to be a part of it. But I sent her the paperwork. And I haven’t heard nothing else.”

He adds, “She didn’t respond.”

Mia Thornton throws a lot of shade at Wendy Osefo.

Before Charrisse dismisses herself, she tells Peter she would like to do some business together.

“I’m gonna leave. I just wanna say at some point I want to pick your brain. Not today because I’m looking into doing a lounge. A champagne lounge because I’m into champagne.”

Peter then asks, “Are you going to blow me off like Wendy blown me off?”

Charrisse answers, “I am not Wendy. Okay? So I will never do that.” Mia throws some shade, “I think her checks would clear.”

Mia asks Peter what his issue is with Wendy and he says, “I’m a little bit slighted that she’s coming to my restaurant and my city and didn’t even holler at me.”

In a green screen interview, Mia says, “Wendy you have a contract that’s under review You haven’t responded. If you need time, say that. Or if you don’t have the money, say that.”

Mia thinks Wendy is confused about what she wants, “The point is I don’t think Wendy really knows what she wants to do.”

Peter says that Wendy is a professor, and Mia throws more shade, “And she’s selling candles, and then she wants to go into the restaurant industry.”

After Mia’s comment makes Peter laughs, Mia tells him to work with Charrisse instead of Wendy, “Don’t waste your time. If you wanna get **** done, I’d put my money on Charrisse.”

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